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Download MP3: Jeezy – Give It To Me Ft. Chris Brown

Here is an unreleased record from Jeezy that surfaced online this week.

“Give It To Me” is a collaboration with Chris Brown that features some colorful synths reminiscent of Kanye West’s Graduation. 66 more words


[Artist To Watch] - Kevin Andreas

If you don’t have him on your radar yet, he should be. Kevin Andreas is a performer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter from Brooklyn, NY. And he’s the real deal.  498 more words

Official Music Video

M-Dot - Give It To Me (Official Little Planet 360 Video)

M-Dot keeps creating and innovating with everything he does.  In this industry, you have to endeavor to be different in addition to be skilled.  In this manner,  M-Dot sets himself apart by giving you another 360 degree video  on top of giving you superlative lycism.  26 more words

Agust D - Give It To Me

Like the vast majority of people in the West, I won’t profess to be any sort of expert in hip hop coming from the East, specifically the movements in Japan and South Korea. 410 more words


Credits: Jozin - Give it to me

 So a while back when JayPizzle released a free beat, we were in the studio with Jozin and we played the beat online and it had an effect of craze on us -LOL… 105 more words


Agust D — Give It To Me

Album: Agust D
Release Date: August 16, 2016

Agust D (Suga)

gajok jocha jeomchiji moshaessdeon nae seonggong
najochado nollasseuni malhae mwol deo
gajokjocha injeonghan dokjong nan gonggongui jeokjeok urilkkamyeo kkwae deokjom… 207 more words

Agust D