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Perfection is Overrated

Perfection is not only impossible, because perfection is nothing but an illusion. What defines perfection? Society? Your friends? Your family? There is no group that can label you and your abilities but you. 125 more words


The Tithes


The tithe was before the law, was included under the law, and continued in the law of love, the New Covenant.

The tithe belongs to God and is seen by Him to be Holy. 95 more words


Talking About Money In Church

I know that talking about money in church isn’t a popular thing. It can be a pretty touchy subject for a lot of people. Money has been used and abused for years – not only in politics, school systems and work places, but also in one of the organizations you should be able to trust the most:  777 more words


Week 17 A – Are you a gift?

Often we go through life not taking the time to really look in the mirror at who we truly are to ourselves and others.

Years ago, I purchased a needle point that someone had donated to Goodwill.  275 more words

Master Key

Give To Get

part two

Some believe it is necessary to perform acts of service in order to get something out of it. Giving becomes something to do in order to receive a reward. 178 more words



In the past weeks, my blog would have been up for days.  This week, I have found it difficult to choose what to write about.  So here it goes. 337 more words

Master Key

It's All About Hope

From Mind Connections……….

In order to keep moving through life we all have to believe that something better awaits us in the future. No matter where we are right now, the future is unlimited and totally possible for anything that you conceive of.   119 more words