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Toonie Talk: Family and Children's Ministries

On to our next installment of Toonie Talk – a chance for us to delve into the world of kids and family and see how our ministries use their budgets to help our families thrive! 679 more words


Signs of a Healthy Financial System: Generosity

Warren Buffett is known for his one-liners and one of his most memorable ones is about financial mismanagement. He says, “You only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out!” By that I think he means that if you are not managing your finances well, then when you encounter a tough time your vulnerability will be obvious to all. 858 more words


Help Paul Borrud Raise $100,000 USD for Nepal Relief Efforts

Everyday, I feel so priviledged to hear stories of extraordinary humans.  Today is no different.  This is what my friend Paul Borrud has been busy with in Nepal.   821 more words


June’s Heart to Paw Grant to Fund Critical Care Plan for Severely Injured Dogs

Having a physical disability can make everyday life challenging, but with the right care and support, those who are disabled can live a more comfortable and productive life. 335 more words


Will You Help?

I am still pushing to reach my fundraising goal!  We have pushed past the 10% mark after only 4 full days, which I think is incredible!!  62 more words


My Greater Mission

As most of my readers know, I live with MS and I am on a mission in life to help people; to make a difference.  Part of my mission is to help those that suffer with this disease through encouragement, support and education. 227 more words