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What they failed to tell me

At the clinic that I’ve been visiting for 40 weeks.. is that if I go too far over they’ll kick me out on the street.  I waltzed in for a check-up at 40+5 (I have to go every 2 days after my EDD) and was still at a measly 2cm.   844 more words

Lets get the record straight about "Normal"

I touched on “normal” in Sundays post so I thought I would share my hate for the word “normal”. I know hate is a strong word but at the time it was completely called for and even today when I hear the word “normal”, I have the same negative, emotional reaction. 501 more words


A baby is born..

Did you know this amazing fact about how often a baby is born in this world?

Information source: Facts Random History

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Babies And Newborns

Women's Group Claims "C-Section's Aren't Giving Birth"

There is a group of women on Facebook who say that having a C-Section isn’t really giving birth. They also claim that women who have natural childbirths are “superior women”. 69 more words


I am an inferior woman! Hear me roar!

Ugh. Why? Why do stupid people have to keep saying stupid crap, making me dust off my soapbox YET AGAIN?

Now I have to go looking for it YET AGAIN and… 754 more words


D Day that you were born

I swear it was raining cats and dogs, and I wasn’t prepared at all. I think we were after week39, and my pelvis hurts liked a bitch. 1,162 more words


Why hospital bills are outrageous and impossible to understand

Why a lifesaving drug that’s been around since 1923 is still unaffordable

Why prescription drugs are so wildly expensive

Prescription drug spending has gone through the roof — and now we know why… 70 more words

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