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it was a give and take push and pull
the way you were brought into this world
not a sort of evacuation but a slow negotiation… 142 more words


I won't be that kind of mum!

Famous last words of an over ambitious, optimistic, idealistic me while pregnant, I was certain of so many things and how things would be done. 948 more words

A Lady of Blind Eyes and only Love

A mother’s sacrifice is incomparable 😌💕.. A women starts loving her child before she knows and sees the light or the shines of the baby’s smile itself .. 301 more words

“You’ll Just Know”

The worst thing to ever be said by any doctor ever. “You’ll just know.”

Guess what Doc? I’ve now thought I was having a baby 97.5 times. 1,100 more words

The birth story: Sleeping Daddy, Nesting Mumma 

Saturday 27th of May the midwife came round in the morning to perform a scheduled sweep as I was a week and a bit over my due date. 2,437 more words

Unrealistic Expectations

Read with discretion that it’s about birth. 😉

I read book after book trying to prep myself. I took advice from the woman who surrounded me and I sat down to write a list. 684 more words


NEWSFLASH: birthing a human can be a tricky business. Not only are you distracted by the what feels like 23 angry pandas doing the hokey-cokey in your uterus but you’re also putting your faith in every expert who assures you that, yes, it is possible to shove something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of a grape. 658 more words