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Mummyhood...a month so far

I cannot believe it’s already been a month since I welcomed my bundle of joy and joined the mummy wagon. I can honestly say it has been the best experience of my life and I’m completely in love with my daughter (I’m still getting used to saying that!). 539 more words


Hard Time Marrying Part 27

About three weeks later Anya awoke to a back ache.  It got worse as the morning drew on till she suddenly wet herself.  She was mortified, though she’d gotten used the increased demands pregnancy put on her bladder.  272 more words


My labour experience - arrival of our precious little one!

Started on this draft a month ago… but only had time to complete it and post now…

While Matty is “sunbathing” in the hospital (aka. phototherapy for his Jaundice), I am stealing some time for myself, and to blog down my experience with giving birth down. 757 more words


A Birth Story

This post is a little delayed, but we have had our hands full! We would like to welcome to you, Ernest, born on September 2nd, 2016 at 1:36pm. 210 more words


Why birth plans are a waste of time for first-time mums

Is that a nice controversial blog post title? Well, it got your attention, right? Right. Okay, so birth plans might not be entirely a waste of time. 894 more words


Welcome to motherhood 

I’ve been laying here since 530 am with my middle asleep on me just listening to the sounds of his breathing and relishing the way his little head tucks under my chin and the contentment we both feel. 351 more words

What it means to be a mum/grandma - on my daughter's birthday..

Monday will be my daughter’s birthday. At 5.34 pm she will be 36 years old. (Gosh, I feel old. But, in a warm fuzzy kind of way.) This post is by way of saying Happy Birthday to her. 725 more words

My Family And Other Animals