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Routines Are About to Change, Ohhh That is Good

I’m a very routine oriented person. Every morning when I wake up I curse my existence before proceeding to prepare for work. I take the same train, walk the same path, eat the same foods, avoid the same people, and do it all in the same timeline. 395 more words

Bee Life

Courses at hospital about childbirth

Yesterday was the last of three days of classes at the Hospital about giving birth. Overall it could have been better because much of the content was quickly rushed over, just touched upon, and there was little to no interaction with the attendees, or any practical part. 1,235 more words


My distaste for mom-judging

Stay at home mom or working mom? Cry it out/sleep-training or co-sleeping/bed-sharing? Home cooked babyfood or store bought puréed? Nursing or formula? Bottle or sippy cup? 344 more words


Another day

Another pregnancy annoucment. You would of thought I had gotten use to it by now, but nop, still hurts, everytime, its just like ha, still not your turn. 77 more words


The dream of going into labour - waiting, waiting, waiting

My little girl turns 4 tomorrow.  I like to drag out the celebrations because each year her birthday approaches, it takes me back to the most frustrating couple of weeks of my life. 493 more words

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My lil pumpkin aboard: Part 2


Ok… nak sambung cerita ni https://radridz.wordpress.com/2016/07/21/my-lil-pumpkin-aboard-part-1/

After I bersalinkan BabyMM, wait… I still not finish yet with my Gynae… huhu… I felt the time is too slow ticking… my foot getting aches, tired… ye la…dalam keadaan terkangkang, kaki tergantung… memang letih la… my Gynae took so long untuk stitches… and the labour room turn to chaotic… so I ask her “Dr., why it’s so long?” suddenly she answered “You had bleeding. 433 more words


What to Pack in your Hospital Bag

I’m just going to tell it like it is: pregnancy and Pinterest go hand in hand.  Pinterest was where I spent most of my time, because when you’re pregnant with twins, you don’t do much more than lie in bed all day complaining, sleeping, and occasionally getting up to pee or throw up. 919 more words