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Women who birth by C-section potentially face long-term health risks: study

Women who give birth by C-section are more likely to encounter long-term health risks later in life, a new study has found.

According to researchers at Aalborg University in Denmark and at Ariadne Labs in Boston, women who undergo caesarean section births have a higher chance of needing a hysterectomy which is likely to result in more surgical complications resulting from the procedure. 508 more words


Reverting to type (-ing)

I have been toying with the idea of writing a blog ever since I started my journalism career way back in 2007 and realistically speaking, I’ve probably missed the boat a little. 384 more words


Birth plans: Do we really need them?

The midwife looked at me with sheer horror as I repeated myself.

“You don’t have a birth plan?” She replied aghast, as if I had just told her our soon-to-be newborn would be sleeping in the garden shed. 915 more words


What women do and don't need to know before giving birth

I confess to skipping NCT.

It’s never been in my nature to ditch class, but I just wasn’t up for the NCT courses on giving birth. 863 more words


Guest post: Birth report from the day my daughter was born

Today we have a guest post for you. It is from Caro @elvis.baginsky and she is sharing her birth story with us. Isn´t it always amazing to hear how other women gave birth? 1,278 more words


Mommy & Me Expo

Over the weekend, my hospital, Methodist South, hosted their annual “Mommy & Me Expo”. This prenatal health fair featured prenatal yoga classes, prenatal education, breastfeeding education, a chance to meet our Physicians and nurses, and food & prizes! 82 more words

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100% Mama Bear

I remember the moment I found out I was pregnant I felt….. sick to my stomach in excitement. I was in shock as I knelt down at the pregnancy test that was on the bathroom floor. 528 more words