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Happy Birthday to my Sweet Girl!


“How much longer?” I moaned.  “You guys said we were almost there and that was 2 hours ago and it’s not over yet!”

Everyone in the room tried to stifle a laugh, but I didn’t care.   278 more words


Chronicles of the After-Birth #3 - Unsolicited Advice

As the saying goes, “opinions are like arseholes…” everyone does indeed, have one. Ergo, if someone hasn’t initiated an exchange that involves discussing your arsehole, you can… 714 more words


Nature stimulus enhancing birth experience

A fascinating report in HERD: Health Environments Research and Design Journal, reports results of research studying the influence of nature stimulus in enhancing the birth experience. 170 more words


Giving Birth While Vegetarian

Being vegetarian in rural Japan definitely takes some getting used to. Eating out can be a struggle and you have to carefully read every label in the grocery store to make sure there isn’t some fish, beef, pork, or chicken added to the mix. 333 more words

The birth of my son

It was a Saturday at the very end of June and I was 39 weeks pregnant.   Everyone was calling or checking on my pregnancy almost daily due to the fact that I had been dialated 3cm and 80% effaced since 36 weeks.   722 more words



My mom knows the gender!!!! My dad is stubborn and doesn’t want to know but that’s okay. As long as I can talk to my mom about this whole experience of pregnancy, I will be good. 183 more words

Disrespect for heroes

I’m 18 years old now and for the last year I’ve begun to be interested in more sophisticated topics like equality of men and women, racism ect. 624 more words