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The Divine Feminine

I sense Her

curled up in a

tight ball inside

me. Her limbs


by the nebulous

orangey-red walls

of my womb.

She has confined and… 506 more words


Non-Stop Mom Shaming

It’s been said that when a woman gives birth, it’s the closest thing to death.  When I think of the contractions, labor pains & pushing a human being out of my body back in 2003 when I gave birth to my son, it’s enough to make me scream all over again. 222 more words

Special Delivery Comes Early; part 1

     This is the story of my little man coming into this world, 11 weeks early.  As always, I’m not holding back.  You have been warned. 2,450 more words

Photographer's awe-inspiring vaginal breech birth photos capture the rare process step by step

Breech births (the instance where a baby is born either feet or bottom first) are a relatively rare occurrence, as around three per cent of babies remain in a ‘breech’ position until the end of the pregnancy. 172 more words

#Halalan2016 #PiliPinas2016 #Eleksyon2016 #Elections2016 #Playlist #NowPlaying Liwanag sa Dilim

My Election Playlist : Liwanag sa Dilim (a flicker of light amid dark, translation with apologies) by Rivermaya

#Halalan2016 #PiliPinas2016 #Eleksyon2016 #Elections2016 #Playlist #NowPlaying  

Election Law & Election Campaigns

#Halalan2016 #PiliPinas2016 #Eleksyon2016 #Elections2016 #Playlist #NowPlaying Tomorrow (from "Annie")

My Election Playlist

the sun will come out tomorrow (Bukas, sisikat:
ang araw)

bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow (Pustahan, bukas
maliwanag at…)

there’ll be sun (may araw) … 59 more words

Election Law & Election Campaigns