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My experience in giving birth and childbirth costs in Japan

My experience in giving birth and childbirth costs in Japan:

           Giving birth is the most painful feeling I have ever experienced my entire life but seeing my son makes the pain all worth it! 523 more words


A birth story: Part Two

My baby has been born – yay. So the worst is over, right? Right!? 

Dont you just love a postpartum haemorrhage? You’re there, trying to figure out how the squirmy thing on your chest just came out of you, when you slowly become aware that everyone is still running round panicking and your husband is so pale you can practically see through him. 530 more words


A birth story: Part One

Yep, there’s 2 parts to this story so settle down with a cuppa and enjoy indulging in someone else’s pain for a minute.

I loved torturing myself with birth stories while I was pregnant (along with binge-watching One Born) so thought mine might make for good freak-out reading. 598 more words


The Birth of Idris Masamune Hanaumi

We pull up to the empty parking lot and I wince, contracting. When it passes, Kent asks me if I want to go in. I don’t see Andrea’s car yet, so I opt to wait a bit longer, but then Michelle walks up to us and helps me out of the car. 2,049 more words


Family... One Way or Another

Family Day, today. Mom, Dad and my brother in the gymnasium to celebrate this program in the school. There isn’t much to say about this event, really. 244 more words


To My Dog

She gave birth to two dead pups.
A sad first-liner, so I’d deny it.
No she did not give birth to two dead pups!
She gave birth to two pups! 249 more words


Retrograde Motion and Juice for Dad

One of the few things I remember from Grade 9 science class is the concept of retrograde motion, where planets appear to move backwards relative to stars over a number of days, a sort of loop-de-loop pattern if it was plotted on a graph. 844 more words