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Ingredients of a Healthy Relationship Part 1

At the end of June, it would have been 3 months since I last had coffee. I broke that trend this morning with a cup of Folgers. 648 more words

Food & Dieting

What's going right, what's going wrong?

Exercising every day and regaling in sunshine and daffodils in Regents Park? Tick.

Eating fresh fruit and vegetables aplenty and raw juice every day? Tick. 503 more words

Working Mother

I'm tired of coffee.

I’ve decided to give up coffee.

There. I said it.

No reason for alarm really. No health issues (that I know of). And no, I’m not crazy. 690 more words

Food & Dieting

Day 11

First of all I’ve got to say that I am feeling great!

Energy levels are strong and cravings for fats and sugars are non existent! 298 more words


Homemade Vegetable Soup

So this is Day 2 of my 365 day “Live and let live Diet For Life” and it feels good to know that I’m helping myself into good health, as well as helping my beautiful Mother Earth! 456 more words

No more caffeinated fairy tales

“Just a girl trying to navigate her very own caffeinated fairy tale”

While working on trying to spruce up this blog today, I came across something that simply isn’t true.   759 more words

Making the Switch from Coffee to Tea

Hold your breath. I know a lot of people are going to gasp at this statement: I made the switch from coffee to tea, and I am loving it. 370 more words

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