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Small Changes Lead To Big Changes

Spring is coming.

Although there is a ton of snow on the ground and it feels like your underwear is freezing to your bum each time you get into the car, spring is coming, I promise. 504 more words


What are you doing for Lent?

You may have friends say “What are you giving up for Lent?”  There are restaurants – even fast food ones – that have a fish options for Roman Catholics.  731 more words


So... what are you giving up for Lent?

Isn’t that always the question? As if that is the reason for the season. Growing up, everything I remember about Lent circled around the acts of self-denial – what food, entertainment, or habit one would give up, and how hard it was to deny oneself of that thing. 406 more words


Many People Giving Up 'Social Media' For Lent!

The Christian season of Lent is underway and is one of personal sacrifice. It could also be a financial hit for such Twitter and Facebook as a sizable number of people have vowed to fore-go social media as part of their 40-day Lenten fast.  141 more words


Feelings of Unworthiness

On the “third day of Lent” the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd’s list of forty things to give up was to let go of “feelings of unworthiness.” Good grief! 389 more words

"What Are You Giving Up for Lent?" | Ash Wednesday, One Year Later

Ash Wednesday. One year later. What have I learned?

Friends, family and followers have asked me:

“What are you giving up for Lent this year?” 451 more words


What I'm Giving Up for Lent

I’ve made a list, a long list, of the things that I’m giving up for lent. I am in no way religious, but I’ve been unhappy with certain aspects of my life lately, so I’ve decided to give them up, and lent serves as the perfect motivation! 432 more words

The Journey