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Scripture Saturdays

Why Should Christians Hope?

I said last week when I gave up worrying last Lent that I didn’t think to put something in it’s place.  I know now I need to hope. 249 more words

Scripture Saturdays

Dabbling in Lent

I am a Hindu. Practicing, non-practicing  and everywhere in between.

I don’t regularly visit temples or participate in all the numerous Hindu religious holidays but have Hindu icons sprinkled around my home, am respectful towards my holy book the Bhagwad Gita, will recite a quick prayer before a flight, join my palms and bow my head when I pass a temple and my absolute favourite Goddess is Ma Durga. 348 more words


Some more odds and ends

It doesn’t matter that you “know” something in your head, the heart with its “feelings center” can overrule you. I had my annual cancer checkup this week. 320 more words


Giving Up God for Lent?

An article by Brandon Ambrosino in the Religion section of the Hufington Post sent the wheels in motions. I am indebted to Pete Rollins  book the… 2,351 more words

Progressive Theology

What Should I Give Up For Lent?

It’s the perennial question for Christians (and others) during the 40 days season preceding Easter.  What are you giving up?  It’s like a second chance at a forty day New Year’s Resolution.   312 more words

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