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Becoming Something More

I was at my personal training session yesterday. I worked out hard, and pushed myself. As I was walking home, I started to contemplate why I would submit myself to the torture of exercise. 738 more words

Weight Loss Journey

“That’s me in the corner - that’s me in the spotlight, losing my religion...” - R.E.M.

i feel so despondent right now.

we are never gonna be done with our house.

the weight of it all is bearing down on my chest. 72 more words

The difference between experiencing and giving up

The easiest thing in the world is giving up on your dreams.

The difference between experiencing  and giving up


Experiencing means joining a club or a sport to see if you like it. 271 more words


365 Q&A - Day 218

What will you never give up on?

I will never give up on recovery. There has to be a better place than where I am right now and I want to experience that.

Find the Light Within the Darkness

If you are living and breathing right now, this is for you!

No matter what you are going through in life, what you have been through, or what you are currently going through, there is… 1,417 more words

Personal Development

When They Ask... Tell Them...

*Note: This is not a suicide note… just me expressing the hurt I feel*

When they look back one day, wondering where it all went wrong…. 1,348 more words

Mental Health

One Piece - An Interfered Duel

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“It can’t be stopped… It was over a hundred years ago… When we started the battle.”

“But running from a battle you’ve started… Is the same as running from the title of a warrior.” 82 more words