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Who i am now doesn’t love me the way i used to. Who you turned me into isnt someone i admire or eant to be. Who i am woth you isnt who i want to be

Just Life


Addiction; what is it?

Addiction can come in many forms, such as drink, drugs and gambling, but the one that has got me hooked is nicotine, aka smoking. 383 more words

Going vegan and Giving Up Cheese WTF!

Being raised in NYC where pizza was my life pizza was sold on ever corner for a $0.99 two for $2.00 with a soda on the side . 516 more words

Vegan Trends

You are important

You are important. Yes, you!

How does one know this?

Hmm.. let’s see.

  • Your presence means something to someone
  • You are valuable
  • You are here to make a difference…
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We Fell In Love - P. Olsen

We fell in love outside, down the street from a school that we both hated during hours that we were supposed to be inside it. You sat there and cried, angrily stared down at the ground for minutes at a time without saying a thing, leaving me worried. 920 more words

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Pre-Packaged Food is Best for Dieting

One of the most common methods of dieting is calorie counting. This method has become more popular in recent years with the advent of apps such MyFitnessPal. 236 more words


I give up!

I was at the gym joking with someone the other day when they asked why I always seem so happy. The old me would have laughed and spent the rest of the day questioning why I seem so happy when I feel so awful inside. 546 more words