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My heart aches. I dont know if that really is physically possible, but its how I feel right now. I sit here at work and just want to cry. 76 more words


A few hours ago, I read a facebook post that really touched a nerve with me. It was from a blind person lamenting an incident that happened to her in high school, in which she auditioned for a play. 1,503 more words


Giving Up

Hey, like many people on here I’m not good with emotions. I feel like I am missing a piece that makes me whole. It’s almost impossible to make new connections and I don’t think I’ll be able to anytime soon. 121 more words


The Loaded Gun

Time marches on
As I come undone
And my memories fade further away.

I try to hold on,
To ignore the loaded gun
As I trudge through another day.



Physically I feel better today.

Mentally is a different story.

I’m tired of my past suffocating my present and future. I get comfortable with being alone, then meet a new person and think, hey it’s nice to have a friend. 16 more words


Falling From the Heights of Myself

I fall from the heights of myself in order to reach the people below, but then I miss the view from up there.
So I rappel myself halfway and pitch my portaledge on the side of the stone face, hoping I can get the best of both worlds from there–the warmth of the community below, but also the quiet, clear stillness of the crisp mountain air. 517 more words


This Silent War

I’m trapped inside this silent war,

furiously waving a white flag above my head,

but no one seems to care.

One day soon,

I’ll just stop waving it.