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Ask! What shall I give you?

And Solomon loved the Lord, walking in the statutes of his father David…1 Kings 3:3

Do you have any memory of a time you did something your parents or your boss at work never expected or asked you to do. 350 more words

Today's Fragrance

Quality Time: A Meaningful Present

A brief stop at local super center may leave you thinking: with every year that passes, gift shopping is become more and more expensive. What if there was a present that brought fulfillment without emptying your wallet? 525 more words

Fundraise For A Charity

Run a fundraiser for 30 days….could be leading up to an event or a gofundme etc.



Give away something every day for 30 days. Or pile them till the last day.


Generosity is a Gift

Sorry, but I just couldn’t pass up the chance to use that slightly punny title!

I was so touched by the display of gifts that has already been donated for our hospital’s “Adopt a Needy Child” gift drive this year.  107 more words


Tee's Gift; A North Pole Tale

A book with a message will always be worth rereading, especially if the story resonates with the season or the audience.  Tee’s Gift holds the message most Christmas stories embrace; giving being the priority during this blessed season.  115 more words


£50 to charity to build a loo!

A few days ago I came across a status on Facebook where someone had shared the link to the website Dig Deep. I opened it up and turns out it focuses on building toilets in areas surrounding Kenya to prevent diseases from spreading to the communities. 169 more words