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Fifty cents and a tampon,

You may be thinking, Mckayla why would you title your blog post this? Some may even think I’m crazy. You might be right, but let me tell you about a brief encounter that I had with a homeless woman this evening at an intersection, in the middle of Abbotsford. 878 more words

Lessons from a Big Baby #1

In August 2009, I had just finished my National Service, NYSC (National Youth Service Corp) as we call it in Nigeria, and was contemplating on what next to do with myself. 1,276 more words


Pay it forward

Pay it forward is a saying that is used when you try to pay someone back but they say just pay it forward meaning pay me back by helping someone else when they are in need. 383 more words

The world of the generous.....Blog 17-2018

“I can’t believe I was being so grumpy.” I remarked to Doug. “That’s not like me! Is it?” I questioned as an afterthought. This conversation took place because I had been canvassed to give a donation to a charity and they had sent me a follow-up letter with relevant details. 344 more words

Lord, don’t let me lose sight of the unique attention you have given my life. In the same way, don’t let me lose sight of the intricate detail you have woven in the lives of my neighbors. 37 more words