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Giving Posture: Faith and Trust

Are you generous toward God? Giving sacrificially to God puts you in a position of faith in God. When you give generously, you have to trust God more.  534 more words

Marc Kinna

How to Choose your Charity Giving Website

Giving to charity used to mean handing money over to a collector in the street, putting coins in a box on a bar or counter or sponsoring one of your friends in some energetic endeavour.  148 more words

How Much Should I Give?

Two of the most challenging things about giving are determining how much you should give and how much you can afford to give. Sure, Warren Buffet is giving away 99% of his wealth, but he has a crazy amount to begin with! 1,246 more words


Micro Tales (2) x 3


Lights flash by the window

I know them, and they barely register.

A familiar hacking cough disturbs.

Tinny announcements are ignored

By my numb mind. 139 more words


Why it’s Hard to Give Away Your Hoard

I’ve been following personal finance blogs for over ten years. I have layered strategy upon strategy to make more money, save more money and invest more money. 1,302 more words


Grow $1 to $11 Overnight: Maximizing Charitable Credits

The proof is in the refund

I realize this title sounds like click bait. I promise that it isn’t. This is a real, grow-your-hoard strategy that can result in an effective tax reduction of 6% and an increase of every dollar you give by a factor of 11. 1,516 more words