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August 30

Bread day….

Every Monday is bread day.  I bake up loaves of bread for the pastor to deliver Tuesday afternoon.  This is a direct result of the fact tht when he was 19 a church he visited brought bread to him that afternoon.   171 more words

Sowing Simply: An Epically long Simple Living Post

If you’re one of my peeps, you know I’ve recently embraced a minimalist lifestyle.  What that means for me (it is important to identify what it means for you), is that I’m sick of spending all my time cleaning, picking up, sorting, arranging, planning and handling food and stuff.  1,230 more words

The Art of Giving and Receiving

I run into a good thought. I was reading an article yesterday, and it started with a question:

Imagine you are in the ocean, and you need some water, you fill a container with water, and then you use it to fill your reservoir.  326 more words


A Falling-Star that just Kept Falling!

I looked up into the midnight sky,

and there I saw a falling-star,

and this falling-star

just kept falling!

This falling-star fell right out

of the midnight sky, 217 more words

Undisciplined Moments, Yancoskytamara

UT professor gets ready for 500 mile charity bike ride

Source: WATE / Brandon Rook

Five hundred miles is a long way to go by car, let alone on a bike, but University of Tennessee assistant professor Dr. 197 more words


LOVE: The Foundational Prime Factor 3

Journey through the Bible: 1Cor 13:1-13, Matt 6:1-4

Brain Booster: Luke 12:15b – Life is not measured by how much you own.

Digging Deep: Let us take a brief look at verse 4 of 1Cor 13 “AMP: … 320 more words


Volunteers fill 1,000 backpacks for homeless students in Oakland County

Source C&G Newspapers / Kayla Dimick

The first day of school is looming, and for some kids in Oakland County, that means going back to class without school supplies. 334 more words

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