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“You Don't Owe Me a Thing”

My sweet sis always says everything happens for a reason. She’s ridden enough of the roller coaster of life that this statement is deserving of respect. 427 more words

How I Want to Die. 

How I Want to Die

There’s a rechargeable lamp in our house. To put it mildly, I dislike this lamp. With passion. And, I’m not even talking about its colour yet; it has a yellow colour which I consider too loud for my temperament. 527 more words


the greatest gift

oh my lord, my liege, my king
you have taken my coronet from me
in doing so you have given me the greatest gift

you have initated a transformation… 46 more words


Collaboration: What You Do, Not What You Say

There’s a great deal of talk about collaboration: software to facilitate it, leaders who enable it, innovation as a result of it. But collaboration is an output from a system, not an instruction to it. 93 more words


Looking for a sign?

Open your eyes and see more than YOU
Find something other than lies to SPEW
Take out a board game and find a CLUE
Looking for a sign? 150 more words

Works of Mercy opportunity

Not many of us often get the opportunity to perform “burying the dead,” but I think this comes close, and it also probably counts as “visiting the sick.” Not to mention giving alms to the poor, etc. 147 more words

Giving Before Going

There are three principles of missions that I have indentified as the G Forces: Give, Go, and Grow.

Today, I want to share with you G Force #1: Give. 581 more words