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Why Is It Good For You to Give

Give love, gifts, money, time… We are social creatures, we are happiest when we are in healthy relationships. We are happiest when we have a sense of belonging to a group. 339 more words

Mission Adventures: [Arizona State University]

You might think to yourself, “Mission trip in the states?” I would say “Absolutely!” Having served as a campus missionary for 3 years on a college university I can tell you there is great need in our nation, and especially amongst our college students to hear the message of the gospel in Spirit, and in truth. 425 more words


A life consistent

There is nothing like a story of someone who changed their situation massively. Or someone who overcame tremendous odds. You know, the Olympic athlete that came from meager beginnings and worked 42 jobs to enable him/her to train 100 hours a week and made it to the Olympic podium winning over those with every possible support and resource available to them. 193 more words

Life Happenings

Restoring my Faith

There’s lots of crap going on in the world right; especially where this blog post is focused on. But I’m not here to talk about the crap. 668 more words

Penguin Thoughts

Is it time for "New Life" again?

I had case to delve into the Church archives recently, looking for information on the New Life movement. In the 1950s our Church was growing rapidly, in part due to massive suburban development. 232 more words