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Minimalista lakás, maximalista megoldásokkal

Bárhol élhetsz, ha ezt a kicsi, szél- és napenergiát hasznosító önfenntartó lakást választod.
Ha a jövődet nem egy hatalmas város kellős közepén képzeled el, számos lehetőséged van. 294 more words


Twitter List

As mentioned in my about page, I will be gaining resources and information on this topic from various areas of the internet. One of those areas being Twitter in particular, a website that modern journalists seem to be infatuated with.  390 more words


Every News Site On The Internet Is Racebaiting About This One Thing Today

Flickr, the highly used and well known photo site was highlighted across the interwebs today for instituting an algorithm that incorrectly identified a Black man and auto-tagged him as an ‘ape’. 188 more words

Government Report: Military Drone Pilots Don't Get Enough Training

The report suggests that pilots in both the Air Force and Army struggle to keep their flight training up-to-date. It explains that “most pilots in certain Army units did not complete fundamental training tasks in fiscal year 2014,” while just “35 percent of pilots… completed the training for all of their required missions.”

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The Internet's Physical Backbone is Maxing Out

The fiber-optic cables that transmit the internet’s data and direct its traffic have a power limit. For decades, researchers have been amplifying the signal passed through these cables to keep up with growing internet traffic. 62 more words

Policy & Ethics

not yet ready to go

This is a short documentary (eight minutes) about the 78-year-old man who runs the  steam plant for Pratt Institute. It is beautifully done.

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Good News

123456 - how safe is your password?

A list of the top 25 passwords have been revealed by the website Gizmodo.

The information comes from SplashData who complies an annual list of millions of stolen passwords made public throughout the year and assembles them in order of popularity. 55 more words