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Should blogs have best practices?

There are blogs of every type, from news outlets to angry rants. Each is unique and has not only different functions and substance, but a different style of content development, which makes sense, as each author is unique and has their own ways of doing things.  802 more words


From GIZMODO: "Morocco Switches on First Phase of the World's Largest Solar Plant"


Jamie Condliffe

Image by AP

Yesterday, Morocco switched on the first section of its new Ouarzazate solar power plant. The new installation already creates 160 megawatts of power and is expected to grow to cover 6,000 acres by 2018—making it the largest in the world. 237 more words

Applied Research & Technology

What is the F-35B and Why is the UK Buying It?

“£5 billion is a lot of money to spend on something that critics claim doesn’t work. So why are we doing it?” 2,651 more words


Should We Renew Britain's Nuclear Deterrent?

“Organisations that disagreed were shouting at political brick wall stretching from Land’s End to the Scottish border.” 2,489 more words


Why Does the UK Need Armed Drones?

“If a drone gets blown up, instead of phoning bereaved parents, you phone General Atomics and ask for another one.” 2,655 more words


СМИ: Охота на Накамото

Недавно возникла новая волна слухов о личности таинственного создателя Биткойна Сатоши Накамото после того, как интернет-издания Wired и Gizmodo в своих статьях указали на вероятность того, что австралийский предприниматель Крейг Стивен Райт сыграл важную роль в создании цифровой валюты. 42 more words