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The Top 5 Issues Facing the U.S. National Parks

The United States National Park Service has over 392 areas protected. When people think of a “National Park” a lot of what comes to mind is vast open areas of natural land preserved for people to visit and enjoy for years to come. 603 more words


How climate change is affecting travel — and what you can do about it

When Kimberly Button drove her RV to Glacier National Park in Montana this summer, she expected relief from her muggy home town of Orlando, Florida. “We assumed that we’d have mild temperatures,” she says. 920 more words


Bishop's Cap Mountain and more

When you scanned the previous picture from Glacier National Park on August 31st, did your glance get caught on the rocky protrusion way off to the left in the same way it probably did on the much more prominent Pollock Mountain? 125 more words

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The sometimes hard life of a subalpine fir

Glacier National Park in winter, especially at high altitudes, is a hard place. On August 30th I saw the enduring consequences of that harshness on some of these subalpine fir trees, … 20 more words

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From Columbia to Columbian

Okay, so I graduated from college at Columbia University in 1967. That didn’t prepare me for my first encounter, fifty years later, with a Columbian ground squirrel… 136 more words

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