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We rose early on Sunday with the intention of driving up to Glacier National Park and either biking the Going to the Sun road, hiking to Avalanche lake, or (for the more adventurous/delusional of us) potentially both.   259 more words


5 Local Secrets In Glacier National Park

(SPONSORED CONTENT) – Imagine growing up 30 miles from one of the most stunning places in the world — a place known as the Crown of the Continent. 1,380 more words

六月的加拿大诺基山脉 DAY 2

Day 2, Logan pass, st Mary fall, st Mary Lake, stay at Tunnel Mountain Resort

Going to the Sun Rd 是冰川公园的精华之一,几乎是每个来冰川公园的游客都必须要做的事情。可惜路并没有完全开放。一般来说,这条被誉为最美的景观路之一要到六月底才会完全开放。St Mary Visitor Center是going to the sun Rd的起始点,我们就开了从St Mary 到Logan Pass的路。 38 more words

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六月的加拿大诺基山脉 DAY 1

Day 1,Glacier National Park,Iceberg lake trail,stay at St Mary Lodge

早上吃过早餐,直奔不到五分钟车程的Walmart,买了水和一些水果零食,开往在美国的Glacier National Park。

从Calgary到Glacier National Park East entrance约三个小时。我们的住宿在St Mary Lodge,离East entrance只有五分钟,非常方便,但三点之前不能check in。

按照原计划决定先去Iceberg Trail。在St Mary Visitor Center问了问trail的情况,ranger说他昨天刚去,最后一倆个miles还有白雪覆盖,看我睁大眼睛,他安慰我说,虽然会有一点滑,但不至于一路滑到山底。直到我爬上山我才明白他的意思。我又很担心地问他现在这时候熊多不多。Iceberg Trail因为某些原因,历来是熊爱出没的地方,遇见的几率比其他地方高很多。但是我是一点都不想见到熊啊!Ranger说他昨天有看到两只小熊宝宝。然后又安慰我说,熊没事也不会攻击你。你只要注意保持距离,如果看到它们在trail上,让它们先走。在转弯处,拍手或喊叫,把它们吓走就可以。一路唱歌啥的比熊铃铛有效。我就说那我一路放音乐可以吧!感觉Ranger噎了一下,说也不是不行…… 22 more words

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Why I bought bear spray, and maybe you shouldn't 

If you google “things you need to know before visiting Glacier National Park,” the first link that appears includes a reminder that you’re in grizzly bear country. 470 more words



This season is the busiest part of my year, and often the most overwhelming, but with that comes great, great joy.

This morning, I’m sitting at the picnic table outside the camp office, which is my favorite spot in the summer. 274 more words