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Flower Mania

Not sure if it is the season or my general happy mood, but these days (I mean every-single-day) I wake up wanting to dress the biggest flowers and the happiest colors. 198 more words


Play Day

For the first time ever, I took my little bee to an indoor playground. My God, are they loud or what! Kids screaming everywhere and running from one corner of the room to another like little maniacs. 112 more words


African daisy flower leather and bead sandals

This exquisite handcrafted leather and Maasai bead flat sandal is inspired by the African daisy flower. It is meticulously designed to showcase the beauty of two daisy flowers bound together by a leather base with orange, white,  black and golden beads. 25 more words

Leather and Maasai beads checkered flat sandals

This is one of my favorite pairs. The combination of green, orange and gray in a hand crafted checkered design makes it unique and aesthetically pleasing. 18 more words

Anne Drane

Handmade leather and beads Maasai Sandals

This pair is a hand crafted leather and beads piece. It combines pink, white and multicolored beads in a multi layered multi strand ankle high design. 36 more words

Anne Drane

Do You Know About Different Types of Casual Dresses?

Due to the change in clothes design, there has been a new meaning added to each category of dresses, be it party wear or resort wear, casual dresses or elaborate dresses. 490 more words

Hunt at Felicity - 1L Lanie Stilettos (Maitreya) - 3 Ways to Wear

Baby It’s Cold Outside Hunt December 5-31, 2017

Felicity Lanie Laced Up Stilettos for Maitreya Lara (Not Included)
3 Ways to Wear. With Laces and Fur Cuff, with laces, or sandals only. 109 more words

Felicity Shoes And Stilettos Current Sales