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#189 – Ben-Hur

Director: William Wyler | Year: 1959

Ben-Hur is described as the “entertainment experience of a lifetime”, which is probably correct. Because at over three and a half hours long, you don’t have much lifetime left to try and top it. 223 more words

Spring 2015: Accessory Trends

I have already written a post on the spring 2015 fashion trends, so I thought it would be nice to write something about the accessory trends as well. 280 more words

Here's Who Would Win Best Picture If The Public Could Vote For The Oscars

USA Today teamed up with Fandango to poll the public on who they would award best picture to at the 2015 Academy Awards if they were granted a vote. 457 more words


International Gladiator

Having found myself watching Gladiator yesterday (I like all Ridley Scott’s films) I looked it up to see how much money they spent post-production to cope with the fact that Oliver Reed died during the filming stage. 85 more words

Music and feelings

Feelings, ugh, why the hell is this language so difficult to speak? Orally I suck, written I can express myself, but in music, I can understand. 475 more words


You Always Hurt the One You Love

Okay gladiators breathe deep after that ending. Note: if you haven’t seen tonights thrilling ride . Major spoilers ahead!!! Shonda , GIRL! we need to talk. 508 more words