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How Old Is My Soul? Past Lives: How They Affect Your Current Life

We have all experienced past lives and the highlights of those experiences are carried forward into our present lifetime. For those of you who haven’t yet explored your past lives, here are some of the signs that confirm the likelihood of a past life: 681 more words


Lace Up Ballet Flats

Gladiator and lace up shoes are all the rage right now. I used to have a pair of lace up flats when I was little and I wore them to death because they were just good with everything! 296 more words


Casual Saturday

Today’s blog post is a recap of my Saturday outfit. Chris and I headed to a friend’s housewarming party/cookout so I wanted my outfit to be a little more casual. 136 more words


The Gifts, by Lucian Sandro (short story)

7:30am… It was the best Father’s Day ever! Eduardo was the first one up that early morning of the year 2150. Mother had assigned him to yard duty for the celebration and he wanted to make Father happy on his special day. 1,231 more words

Short Stories

My Favorite Movies #77 - Gladiator

One of the pleasures of visiting Rome is going to the ancient ruins of the city, now preserved as a kind of historical park. Entering the ancient city is like walking backwards in time, not just because you are suddenly surrounded by the stone ruins of antiquity, but because the ancient city is in a kind of land depression. 2,011 more words