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MMA, UFC and Us: Children of the Colosseum

I’m not getting the MMA/UFC thing.  It’s not like boxing, where I can see the subtle science of slowly weakening your opponent.  It looks like you just savagely beat somebody else to the point of near-death. 68 more words


Gladiators and the Colosseum

Imagine…it’s the first century.  The hungry crowds are clamoring to catch a glimpse of the gladiators, sometimes slaves, more often criminals, or even prisoners of war!   763 more words

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Time Travel to Ancient Rome with Gina Danna and Love & Vengeance

Today my guest is Gina Danna, a fellow historical author and great friend of mine. She’s re-releasing her Ancient Roman romance, Love & Vengeance and came by to talk about her inspiration for choosing this fascinating period of history. 1,009 more words


Sh*t I Used To Watch - Gladiators

Awooga! We traipse down memory lane once more today, this time to revisit a seminal Saturday night Tele phenomenon.

Yep, Gladiators was a monster hit when it first was broadcast in the UK, creating icons out of many of the performers and people involved; John Anderson the referee, John Sachs the announcer, Wolf, Jet, Shadow, Warrior, Lightning, Saracen etc were people who would be spoken of in classrooms, playgrounds, and probably pubs and workplaces the following Monday. 2,388 more words

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Divas, Gladiators, and Madmen

Here’s a recap of Demetrius and the Gladiators that can be read in under 60 seconds. So in this sequel to The Robe hunky ex-slave Demetrius is arrested for hiding the Robe and is sentenced to gladiator school, where he catches the attention of flame-haired Messalina (looking for a few good men); meanwhile his girlfriend is assaulted and left for dead by a mean-guy gladiator, so Demetrius gets angry, forgets his Christian religion, and fights and kills in the arena; then he goes off to frolic with Messalina in her villa by the sea until Saint Peter comes along to douse the flames (of passion); then Demetrius finds the girlfriend alive and well and holding onto the Robe, which he takes to Emperor Caligula (very mad, Caligula); and then crazy Caligula insults the Praetorian guards, so they finally get fed up and off him, which is why old Claudius becomes emperor; so now Messalina goes off with… 1,871 more words