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Arena: Omnibus, by D. Michael Withrow

When Roman culture makes it into the American justice system, convicted killers become the gladiators of the rich. Thousands turn out for the sport, and it’s a brutal, brutal thing that tears families apart. 304 more words

Book Review

Film Review: The Hurricane Heist

Earlier this week I praised Rampage for being dumb fun that delivered on it’s ridiculous premise. This movie, however, doesn’t.

A heist during a hurricane? A trio of plucky heroes against a gang of thugs? 186 more words


The Colosseum in Rome

The Colosseum in Rome, Italy, is one of those iconic locations that anyone who visits the city must take the time to explore. Because of its popularity, be prepared for long lines and you will likely have tour guides offer to let you jump to the front of the line if you are willing to pay for a tour, which isn’t actually a bad idea. 484 more words


What Happened to the Christian Message?

Christianity spread like wildfire in the first few centuries CE—when it was illegal and punishable by a horrible death.  Today, mainline churches are aging, shrinking, and dwindling.   977 more words


Super-Villain-Bowl! - Toon Sandwich

The YouTube channel ArtSpear Entertainment uploaded an animated YouTube video called Super-Villain-Bowl! – Toon Sandwich where a variety of movie villains fight each other:

Here is part of the description for this video by… 151 more words


DAILY DIGEST - 4.20.18

SCANDAL ends series on a high note; MTV picks up prank series TOO STUPID TO DIE 904 more words

Daily Digest

Looking Back: When 'Scandal' May Have Out-Scandaled Itself

Do you watch Scandal? I half-watch Scandal. Half-watching Scandal means I kind of pay attention as my wife watches it. There was a time… 1,103 more words