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Women Gladiators? Really?

Yes, really! Whenever I pitched Sword of the Gladiatrix as my “lesbian gladiator novel,” I encountered raised eyebrows and skeptical snorts. The first question everyone asked: “Were there really lesbian gladiators?” My answer: “Of course!” We know there were female gladiators fighting in arenas for several centuries. 690 more words


Book Giveaway: Sword of the Gladiatrix

Hot off the presses, I’m announcing a giveaway of my newest book, Sword of the Gladiatrix. The rules are simple: leave a comment below saying you’d like to be entered. 299 more words


Friends, Romans, Countrywomen...

I’ve reached the halfway point of DNF (15,000 words) and feel I need to relax the grey matter on that particular story for a while as I regroup and figure out where to take it next. 918 more words


My Love Affair With MMA

I find most sports boring, if not downright abhorrent (people shell out insane funds to watch other people make millions of dollars playing a game). 791 more words

Just A Thought

Favourites Friday and a dreaded question

Oh, gosh, you love books? Me too! Tell me: what book is your favourite? I know, I know – I too generally lose the will to live around this moment. 521 more words

Favourites Friday

No hearts today

I really don’t like Valentine’s Day. Why? I think it’s a ridiculous thing that we need a special day appointed to us during which we declare our love to another. 329 more words

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Ancient Rome Ad

Ancient Rome RolePlay, Be The Storyteller Of Your Life, Gladiatrix Baby!

Picture Done At The Ancient Rome RP Sim, In Secondlife