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Weed Murderer

Folks, it doesn’t rain much over Bray Manor, so when the heavens finally opened up I immediately whipped outside and did a little rain-dance of gratitude on the footpath; which may explain why real estate values at our end of the street have plummeted like a stunned eagle. 321 more words

On A Lighter Note...

Boozy Events for the Week of Jan 8–14

Do you have an event happening this week that you’d like to see listed? Feel free to send me an email.

For a full list of events, check out my… 80 more words

London's first train

Saturday 10th January 1863 was the day when the first section of the London underground – the 4 mile line of track between Paddington and Farringdon Street – was opened to the public by Prime Minister Gladstone. 346 more words

parkrun #53: Gladstone

As I was walking to the start, I saw someone arriving with crates of Christmas clementines, and thought something along the lines of ‘pah! who would want an orange when you could have a mince pie!’… By the end of the run, the clementines were absolutely delicious, and I didn’t even touch the mince pies. 90 more words

Weekly Parkrun

Open This Icy Sunday

Although it is icy today, we will still be open regular hours, 8am-3pm!

The Other Woman

A long time ago, too many to count, I lost my first husband to the other woman.  It was sad and I was miserable but I got over it. 2,077 more words