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Help — Dozens of horses spared slaughter in Stark County, N.D. rescue

STARK COUNTY, N.D. (KFGO) — A court order issued by a Stark County District Court judge this week has saved approximately 70 horses from slaughter. 248 more words

Horse Slaughter

The Trump Legacy: A Gladstonian Finale?

For a man whose biographer describes him as obsessed “with protecting his image,” President Donald Trump seems oblivious to how flouting conflict of interest norms is blackening that image.  849 more words


BrainSparks #Politics

Politics is no longer an instrument of the democratic process because Democracy has been hijacked by liars and self-seeking opportunists.

There was a time when the British people could rely on elected representatives, at the very least, to keep the best interests of the United Kingdom at the heart of their actions regardless of their individual political allegiances. 66 more words


Journey to happy Rock

I didn’t budget for Planet Comicon and I dislike crowds and situation with parking downtown (you have to pay money and you have to walk quite a distance) Thankfully, a friend through whom I can live vicariously is operating a booth there.

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10 Sided Dice

Michigan coach on how parents made leading a winning program untenable

Clayton Castor never meant to set off an Internet firestorm when he spoke to his local paper, the Daily Press in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Yet, when he weighed in on why he resigned as the head boys basketball coach at Gladstone High — “parents have taken the fun and enjoyment right out of it.” — coaches, administrators and even other parents immediately felt accord with his sentiment. 898 more words


Little Shop of Horrors a Delightful Black Comedy

Black comedy often presents a challenge for directors and performers: if you go too subtle with it no one will laugh, but if you’re too heavy handed with it the audience will feel you’re shoving it down their throats. 997 more words


The Second Happiest Place

A weekend away.  On the recommendation of my sister, I booked a couple of nights’ stay at Gladstone’s Library in Wales.  I’d never heard of it, but it sounded interesting, even without my son being mad bonkers keen on libraries and antiquarian books.   624 more words