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Competition is in the wings

In a recent post, Brian (fearless Cruise Ship Ambassador Coordinator) :-) mentioned a visit from a Gladstone representative seeking information about ‘what we do right’ when it comes to welcoming cruise ships, as Gladstone will be welcoming cruise ships for the first time next year. 267 more words


What is this About?

What’s Going On? I‘ve created this page to let our neighbors here in Gladstone know that one of our public parks, The Gladstone Nature Park… 361 more words



I’ve been quite busy with my journalist adventures this past 2 weeks.  I wrote a piece on the Halloween bash of the playgroup I volunteer with that actually drew the attention of the local Observer, the parent paper of the Advocate in which my articles are published.   436 more words

In Response too The Ashland City Community Center, Oregon

Good day Miss Tina;

I do appreciate your care and reaching out to us.  Regrettably duo to the lack of resources from the State of Oregon and assistance when needed, which couldn’t be found in each city we were giving a list to check for help, we were forced into a trailer in exchange for work and property care. 1,208 more words

#Ashland Community Resource Center

Heron island 

My next stop on the East coast was the beautiful and charismatic Gladstone. I had previously been told this place is a “hole” which is an unfair description. 771 more words

Bring Back Gladstone

Will it be the man in the suit who buggered up my mobile ‘phone or will it be the one who looks as if he has just been ejected from Tracey Emin’s unmade bed? 1,289 more words

Costa Rica