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On Differences that Matter (Part II): Mysteries and Puzzles

Problems can be categorized as mysteries or puzzles. The distinction is important because a puzzle, if framed correctly, has a clear question that demands an answer, and there is a solution, given sufficient time and data. 294 more words


Book Review: The Tipping Point

I was inspired by Malcom Gladwell’s words in his idea of “the tipping point” As a writer, he observed how small things can make a huge impact on the world. 547 more words

Why we read Gladwell

It has long been thought that a theorist is considered great because his theories are true, but this is false. A theorist is considered great, not because his theories are true, but because they are interesting.

2,030 more words

The Long and Winding Road

Monday night, and I’m watching the Channel 4 news. There’s a story about small music venues closing all over the UK. But I’m only half paying attention, if that. 653 more words


First Million

First Million

‘Everyone has to write a million words of crap before they can start producing good fiction.’ – Raymond Chandler

‘Write one story a week, for a year. 1,017 more words


Book review: What the dog saw - and other adventures by Malcolm Gladwell

If you’re like me, when you first saw that book cover, you thought “What the ‘bloomin eck’ is that about?”

I’ll get to the book in a sec, firstly however, I have something to admit. 639 more words


Success and Opportunities

Finally, I made it through Malcolm Gladwell’s book, “Outliers.” It has been on best sellers’ lists for a very long time, but has entered my life just as I examine how I can help my young children become accomplished. 1,612 more words