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Malcolm Gladwell on What Really Makes People Disruptive

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When people talk about what it takes to transform a field or a world, they leave out one crucial component, best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell told the audience at the World Business Forum on Tuesday. 981 more words

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Gladwell takes me on a musical and artistic journey through time in Season 1, Episode 7: Hallelujah of his Revisionist History podcast about things forgotten or misunderstood. 267 more words


The 1 Book That Most Impacted Malcolm Gladwell's Worldview

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Every once in a while, you come across one of those  books. You know the one: It challenges you; it delights you; it has you consider something vital in a deeper way. 816 more words

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This week’s post will be a quick hit review of Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers: The Story of Success. Malcolm Gladwell has written a few books (including this #1 National Bestseller) and has a fairly popular podcast, which is thought provoking and analytical. 405 more words


Prompt 92: Learning through podcasts

“Something more you’d like to know about”

I’ve started listening to podcasts on my way to work. What used to be 20 to 25 minutes of silent transition between one place and another is now filled with informational ramblings about interesting things that I would never have known to investigate. 223 more words

Why Intelligence Doesn't Explain Success

A summary of Malcom Gladwell’s ‘Outliers’ chapter 3: The Trouble With Genius, Part 1.

Over the past Decade, Chris Langan has become the public face of genius in American life. 1,323 more words


Should McDonald's go Back to Beef Tallow for Great Fries?

Were McDonald’s Fries Better Before the ’90s?

Malcolm Gladwell discusses a change in the recipe that impacted his childhood

BY HOUSE OF CARBS AUG 22, 2017, 2:02PM EDT… 948 more words

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