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Where's Your Inspiration?

I identified my life quote when I was in high school.

With Emerson’s definition of success in mind, I set off into the world to succeed. 419 more words


Bush-Harding, December 15, 2005

A quick post. This article discusses Malcolm Gladwell’s best seller “Blink” and the true value of intuitive decisions. As a counterfactual the author remember the Warren Harding choice as president in the ’20’s based on his grand style void of substance. 102 more words


jesus and snap decisions

Casting nets – let’s try our luck over there.

Sorting fish – too small; wrong kind; wow, nice big one.

Delivering fish – let’s get these out of the sun before they go off. 2,198 more words

Understanding Social Action Terms

The majority of these terms come with general social change definitions, specifically with regard to social actions. This is more of a primer than a detailed explanation of Social Action. 314 more words

Social Change

are you out of the box?

Can anyone see the world differently? Is ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking something that one has and another doesn`t? Maybe. Maybe not. There are a few good reads that are on top of my reading list that talk about how simple things and simple problems viewed from a different angle open new dimensions for our view of the world. 276 more words


Istri yang Pas

Tahun 2006, seorang penulis yang tidak banyak dikenal mendadak meramaikan dunia kesusastraan. Dialah Ben Fountain. Ia menulis kumpulan cerpen yang diberinya judul Brief Encounters with Che Guevara… 582 more words

Cerita Dan Ulasan

My Top Five Living Authors

My Top Three Five Living Authors

When I was in university, as an ice-breaker, my professor decided to have us make a list of our five favorite authors. 721 more words