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10,000 Hour Rule by Gladwell and Christianity

Thought I would share something that brought me much freedom a few months ago…

I had been taught and believed for some time in the 10,000 rule for prayer. 671 more words


PRP and Sleeping Giants

‘Elite performance is the result of at least a decade of maximal efforts to improve performance through an optimal distribution of deliberate practice.’

Dylan Wiliam, SSAT Conference 2012…

645 more words

I support you...but not entirely

As a 90’s kid, playing games meant going outside the house to be with other neighbourhood kids to play hide-and-seek, “Chinese garter,” and superhero role-plays. My social network back then was a group of close friends countable by the fingers on my hands and toes. 340 more words

My Two Cents (thoughts And Writings)

English 4: Everything You Need for LeDuff/Gladwell Essay (Due: March 23)

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for you to put everything you’ve learned about writing academic essays into practice with this full essay assignment, due Monday, March 23. 299 more words

Mr. Kratz

Finding Your MBA Fit

This week I’m responding to a request from TopMBA.com’s Mike Grill to write a guest post. He was looking for the perspective of someone other than the typical “top student with top test scores attending a top business school.” I fit the bill since I applied to Michigan, Texas, and Minnesota – all fantastic programs, but outside the Top 10, at least according to P&Q’s aggregate US rankings. 766 more words


Blogging101 Day Four - Identify Your Audience

Note: Wow, this is a tough one.  I’m not sure who my audience is.  Really, though, the assignment is to write a post “that someone in particular will see (and appreciate).”   The idea is that even if we are writing just to write, which to me means writing to either express my thoughts or to figure out where they are going, there’s some particular person or class of persons we are speaking to.   705 more words

Art And Creativity

English 4: "The Power of Context" Seminar, Day 2

Below is the video from 8th period’s Socratic Seminar about “The Power of Context”. We made it through almost all of Gladwell’s piece, which should put you in a good place for tomorrow’s quiz. 26 more words

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