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Literalab’s Best Books of 2014: ‘Sankya’

“Prilepin has not merely turned inside out the consciousness of the entire post-Perestroika generation of politicized young Russians and laid it bare, but he also, in large part, predicted the patterns of development of radical political groups and the government’s strategy in combatting them.” 151 more words


Igor Sakhnovsky in B O D Y

“– Do you intend to kill someone? – the woman asked.

– Quite the opposite. It’s more likely it will be me.

– You have nothing to fear. 112 more words


‘Sin’ by Zakhar Prilepin

There are many different ways writers can infuse a story or novel with intensity without much in the way of incident or plot. The movement can occur on symbolic or historical levels, they can mine literary history as their character walks around Dublin or devote all their attention to the beauty of the individual sentences they are writing. 701 more words