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Yup!! Those chocs that I relish are no longer a junkie. Things have changed – The all new Vitality’s Coco pure Chocolate Tea has only good things and is only good for the health with all its natural and… 310 more words

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O_O can't stop looking up

I can’t look at anything on my reader because these bright colours keep locking my eyes into one position.

I wish they were toned down a little (the bright colours are making me dizzy).

this is nothing

Everybody wants to have at least one thing that they are after; even if it means the pieced together bits of scorn, maybe laughter, and what was considered a done thing happened to become withered, and meant too much; what was given as a compliment, or was to be taken as such — and meant nothing. 37 more words


Random Fact: Week 20

A group of cats is called a glaring.

(Entirely appropriate, in my opinion!)