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O_O can't stop looking up

I can’t look at anything on my reader because these bright colours keep locking my eyes into one position.

I wish they were toned down a little (the bright colours are making me dizzy).

this is nothing

Everybody wants to have at least one thing that they are after; even if it means the pieced together bits of scorn, maybe laughter, and what was considered a done thing happened to become withered, and meant too much; what was given as a compliment, or was to be taken as such — and meant nothing. 37 more words


Random Fact: Week 20

A group of cats is called a glaring.

(Entirely appropriate, in my opinion!)



The sheepdog is ordering the sheep to go into the sheep pen, but this sheep isn’t taking orders from anyone!

The "I Love You" Juxtapositon 



1. the power to make decisions about how something is managed or done

2. the ability to direct the actions of someone or something… 3,680 more words

Female Narcissist

How To Glare

  1. Identify the target of your ire
  2. Think of the things they do that piss you off
  3. Convey these thoughts through aggressive eye contact
How To Do Emotions