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Beginners guide to wild swimming

My love for wild swimming first blossomed when I went for a swim in a loch with my mum when I was 17. I remember it being a really tough year, and like any introvert teenager I wasn’t very good at communicating with my mum. 554 more words


Bonjour to pastry perfection, beautiful artworks and overpriced coffee.

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Fat bluebottles vibrating round the room

Plants keep me cool in the flat and they don’t mind if I smoke.

Cactus, cheese, rubber, spider, succulent, savoury, salt,
vinegar, sweet and sour, lemon and lime. 169 more words

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Lycra, plimsolls, watch me go

I can be anything I want.

Fitter, faster, longer, stronger. Why can’t I be more beautiful?

Maybe I should go running, get outdoors, hit the road. 120 more words

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The wee fannies got greedy

The mice are eating the food on the traps but not getting caught.

Strutting about the place, giving me the finger before
scurrying off behind the back of the sink. 128 more words

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Fearless alien creatures out to take over the planet

Becoming worryingly sentimental about dogs these days. Wee
hairy bastards.

Keep watching canine rescue stories and puppy
documentaries on cheap TV and it’s playing with my emotions, man. 159 more words

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I go to bed too late and get up too early

When a man is tired of Govanhill, he is tired of
life, said Johnson, Rab Johnson fae Torrisdale Street.

Well Rab, I’m knackered, mate, mostly because you and Tracey won’t shut the fuck up with the loud music and the screaming all through the night and the people shouting up at your window from the street all day, you know? 125 more words

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