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Why Govanhill is just like Hamburg

Govanhill is a tourist hot spot with supporters of St Pauli, a football team from Hamburg with a long history of radical players and anarchist fans, squatters, activists, socialists, nutters. 132 more words

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Footprints in the butter

Mice. Twice. Wee bastards.

Mice keep happening, in the kitchen, on the surfaces, on
the floor, terrorising me.

I feel invaded, violated, also a bit bloated because I’m still… 159 more words

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At least I don't have a ponytail

Sat in the flat the other night watching a BBC4 documentary about the Byzantine empire. Or was it astronomy? Might have been about trains or something. 103 more words

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It's all true although I might have made a lot of it up

So I got an email from Queens Park.

Dear Govanhill

Great little blog, love what you’ve done with the place, don’t
even mind you borrowing our architectural wonders and passing them off as your… 80 more words

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Why Govanhill is just like New York 2

First there was the building on the left, at Eglinton

Then, mysteriously, the building on the right appeared in
New York City.

Coincidence? Getouttahere. 107 more words

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Govanhill never sleeps but I like to

This is a mad street I live in.

Post-pub shouting and singing, yelling and screaming through the evening, kids running up and down all day. … 170 more words

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My byclist days are over

Never had a bike when I was a kid.

Never understood the gears and levers and spokes. Manoeuvring, momentum, forward motion.

It all seemed so unattainable to me. 106 more words

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