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The Devil's Eye

These three advertisements appeared in the back pages of the Swaziland Observer this week.

Mama Meli & Koffi Specialist offers an array of powders to help you achieve your wishes. 840 more words


In Italy committing suicide is prohibited. If one tries to commit suicide, and he doesn’t succeed, he can be prosecuted. Similarly, euthanasia is prohibited. Only a long suffering can open Heaven’s door. 56 more words


A Clinical Trial of Progesterone for Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

LanAnh Ngo, Mercer University College of Pharmacy 2015

Progesterone is commonly known as a female reproductive hormone, but studies have shown its pleotropic properties as a neuroprotective agent.1 The use of progesterone in traumatic brain injury has been studied to take advantage of this property and possibly for application into clinical practice. 403 more words

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40 Years of the Glasgow Coma Scale

The 20th March has been designated as Head Injury Awareness Day in several countries, and the whole month of March is given over to Brain Injury Awareness Month… 608 more words


When is a person really dead?

This is a question I needed to ask. My mom had cardiac arrest for 15 minutes, where the cause was internal bleeding. She was in the ICU for a week or so. 948 more words

United States

Week 5: Assisted-Dying

“A belief in assisted-dying is by no means a fringe view in western society.
There is broad agreement, associated with notions of modernity and evolved thinking, 1,368 more words

Human Rights