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Album Review: Gold Panda - Good Luck and Do Your Best

Gold Panda’s latest album, Good Luck And Do Your Best, can best be described as a travel journal. A delicate and accurate description of a single trip that somehow embodies all the trips you’ve ever been on and all the ones yet to come. 147 more words

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Film Review: Demolition

In association with The Grosvenor

Brought to us by the director of Dallas Buyers Club Jean-Marc Vallée, Demolition stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Davis Mitchell. His wife dies in a car accident and rather than distraught he’s left feeling empty inside. 315 more words

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Problematic Passports

The new British passport design, celebrating important UK figures and landmarks, has attracted a lot of criticism for its failure to include more than two women among its pages. 316 more words

University Of Glasgow

From the Time Issue: Save The Bees

When we think of saving the planet and those who inhabit it, our minds may turn to recycling, vegetarian- or veganism, or monthly donations to a charity of some sort. 475 more words

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Arts Preview: West End Festival 2016

There is never an excuse to be bored in Glasgow. If you still find yourself in this lovely city after the hype and adrenaline of the exam period have passed, you may, however, at some point be tempted to make the outrageous claim: ‘there is nothing to do’. 327 more words

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Film Event: Queers at the Movies

In association with Radical Film Network Festival 2016

The SQIFF ‘Queers at the Movies’ discussion night held at the CCA opened up many conversations about queer film-making, queer film exhibition and being a queer audience member. 320 more words

University Of Glasgow

Perils of…ta-ra

So this is the end, my friend. It’s been an interesting experience. At least, it has been an interesting experience for me.

I’ve been a teetotal, a converting carnivore, an artist, a live poet, a singer, a stoner, a dissenting Catholic, and a hopeless romantic, (not all at once, that would be a bit ridiculous). 678 more words

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