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Ireland to liberalize drug laws

Simply searching for the phrase “don’t take me drugs away” on YouTube will yield, upon the first result, a humorous and simultaneously dispiriting video. In it we see a dishevelled Dubliner with a threadbare acoustic accompaniment bothering (or entertaining) commuters on a city bus. 317 more words

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Film Review: Everest

In association with the Grosvenor

The latest reports that Mount Everest is to be declared off-limits to unprofessional climbers, following increasing numbers of casualties and deaths of those who take on the challenge of climbing the highest summit in the world, make Baltasar Kormákur’s latest film Everest all the more relevant and engaging. 302 more words

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Live Review: The Fratellis


Glasgow’s very own Fratellis are most certainly a live band, there’s no doubt about that.  This, paired with their always-special hometown shows and this year’s premature Bonfire Night, makes the O2 ABC the place to be tonight. 357 more words


“Dear Qmunicate…

I’ve always had low self-esteem but it feels like no matter how much I work on it, my shyness will hold me back. I have a hard time making good friends because I get so nervous that I’ll say or do the wrong thing, so I end up not trying at all. 773 more words

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Live Review: Ibeyi

KING TUT’S – 10/11

Last stop on the British part of their tour, French-Cuban Ibeyi embrace the crowd at King Tut’s with their vocal harmonies.  The sisters play the piano, batá, cajón and drum machine, blending their strong voices with the steady beats, carefully enhancing the sounds with a loop pedal.   335 more words

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Album Review: Thus Owls - Black Matter EP

After last year’s Turning Rocks LP, the Swedish-Canadian experimental indie rock duo Thus Owls return with Black Matter, a six-song EP. 160 more words

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Bless Your Cockroach Overlords

Not all organisms have the luxury of being cute and fluffy; sometimes you’re cursed with a creepy scaly body covered with gross, thick hair, unnervingly beady eyes, and a general character that leaves onlookers with a disturbing crawling sensation up their spine. 823 more words

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