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Arches club closure: zero tolerance takes its toll

A couple of weeks ago I took part in the Arches’ Dark Behaviour: Queer Futures club event to celebrate the end of the BEHAVIOUR15 festival. As the night continued – a night of celebrations of queer identities, art and love, and being fucking weird (let’s just say “lip-syncing vaginas” and leave it there…) – I was wrapped up in the fact that the Arches is onto something great. 662 more words

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Arts Review: Rites

Dir. Cora Bissett, Tron Theatre, 5th – 9th May 2015

Chances are, the average theatre goer doesn’t know all that much about Female Genital Mutilation. By the end of Rites, through verbatim performance taken from lawyers, activists, doctors, and those who have experienced FGM, the viewer leaves informed, and all without having been preached to. 293 more words

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Superwomen Assemble!

So apparently the CEO of Marvel, Ike Perlmutter, doesn’t believe it’s possible or profitable to make superhero films centred on female characters because women are incapable of carrying a film in the lead role. 740 more words

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Lewinsky and the price of shame

Most of us are too young to remember the “Lewinsky scandal” as it unfolded, and too unflappable in our pornography-soaked millennial minds to care about it later as we matured. 1,274 more words

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This Much I Know... - Where Do We Go From Here?

It’s strange, writing this final column, because I feel as though I should say something final. Something definitive; a wrap-up of some sorts: but, I have no conclusion to offer. 911 more words


Our Journey Through Scotland: Week I

I’m going to be the first to admit it, but the two accessories I wish I would have brought with me are:  sunglasses and a scarf.  1,453 more words


Arts Review: The Graduettes

Dir. Sean Wilkie, The Websters Theatre, 27th April – 1st May

Following the lives of three young women who discover, supposedly, ‘that life is not exactly what Sex and the City promised them’, The Graduettes engages with the typical qualities of a sit-com but with a plot that feels inconsistent at times. 279 more words

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