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The diet police need to learn to bite their tongues

WHEN it comes to matters of diet and nutrition, my rule of thumb is that no-one wants to hear my opinion on what they eat. But gosh, don’t a lot of people like to talk about other folks’ breakfasts, lunches and dinners? 1,232 more words


Glesga's Gold: Ruth Leiser

Maybe there’s something magically inspiring about the River Clyde, or is it simply the cider served in Glaswegian pubs. Any way, Glasgow is buzzing with young up-and-coming artists creating incredible things, either on stage or on fabric, with words or with paint. 1,064 more words

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Glasgow's Miles Better

When I was a kid growing up in the 80s in the suburbs of Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city, there was a well known advertising campaign… 2,464 more words


Green Peace vs Nobel Laureates

Recently, a third of living Nobel Laureates signed an open letter addressed to Greenpeace. If I were to summarise the contents of this letter crudely in four words, they would be ‘sit down, shut up’. 637 more words

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An Ode to Friendship

With so many people I know pre-occupied with finding “The One” during their time at University, I wonder if we are all sometimes a little guilty of overlooking the importance of another bond. 399 more words

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Arts Review: The Birds

Citizens Young Co, Citizens Theatre, 12 – 14 May

Organised as a comic accompaniment to the tragic trilogy of This Restless House, The Birds certainly delivers on the comic relief front. 354 more words

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Keeping it Classy – Why Universities Are Still a Class Issue

New plans published by the government are to allow universities to charge more than £9000 per year if they score high on student satisfaction, teaching quality and employment outcomes. 764 more words

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