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The Sacrificial Poetry Review: Pop-Philosophy Warning!

While in no way being an expert in aesthetics, I thought I might apply my favourite university-based pastime to my usual poetry ramblings before the former stops supporting me and I feel the weight of the latter’s inability to pay. 906 more words

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Arts Review: The James Plays

(James I: The Key Will Keep the Lock; James II: Day of the Innocents; James III: The True Mirror) by Rona Munro

Dir. Laurie Sansom, King’s Theatre, 8th-10th April 2016… 873 more words

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Travelling to King’s Landing – a Game of Thrones guide to Dubrovnik

When my parents told me we were travelling to Dubrovnik for our summer holiday last year, I gladly accepted it – free holiday, yay! – and didn’t think any more about it. 577 more words

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Film Feature: The Art of the Music Video

One of the greatest things about listening to music is imagining yourself in the music video. Walking down the street in a really cool way while you picture the alternating emotional close-ups or aerial shots over the city. 807 more words

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A Storify of the #researchsafe event

On Wednesday 27th April 2016, Dr Joanne Neary, Dr Lisa Bradely and I ran a seminar that explored the phyical and emotional ‘affects’ of social research. 49 more words

“Dear qmunicate...

Originally published in the Heroes Issue, March 2016

I was recently diagnosed with clinical depression, and have started taking antidepressants. I’ve pretty much kept it to myself though, only telling one close friend from home, and so none of my mates at uni know what I’m going through. 819 more words

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Album Review: Susanna - Triangle

Triangle consists of twenty-one songs (which makes up about 70 minutes, since Susanna likes a lot of her songs unconventionally short) of intensely expressive, sweeping music, probing lyrics, spacious electronic beats, and spirals of synth. 177 more words

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