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Film Review: Under the Shadow

In association with Glasgow Film Theatre

With Don’t Breathe, Lights Out and The Conjuring 2, horror has been one of the surprisingly stronger genres this year, but Under the Shadow might just be the best film yet. 391 more words

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Glasgow University Students To Use The SAFE Network

Since its inception in 1451, Glasgow University has built a worldwide reputation as a centre for innovations which have had a profound effect on the world. 425 more words

Lifestyle: Letting It All Out - Why Crying To Sad Media Can Be Therapeutic

Why are we so desperate to cry?

Before this article I hadn’t really thought about why I loved to curl up in front of a sad film with some ice cream and cry, it was just something I did every so often. 812 more words

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Momentum Kids: Leftwing Indoctrination or Inclusive Initiative?

Momentum, a leftwing Labour organization, has organised a new initiative for children of members in order to broaden the spectrum of people involved in politics. On the one hand, the activity group would enable parents (in particular single mothers) to participate in Momentum events. 308 more words

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A F.A.Bulous Undertaking

Project FAB, which stands for Ferociously Awesome Balloons (the F previously stood for something else), is a student run outreach program. In the summer of 2015, Fraser Baird decided that he wanted to introduce more focus on STEM subjects into primary schools by launching high altitude balloons which would conduct multiple experiments over various heights. 267 more words

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Film Feature: Are we missing the 'effects' in special effects?

At the current moment, the film industry is full to the brim with visually impressive CGI, or Computer Generated Imagery. Love it or hate it, CGI has become the dominant medium by which films are produced. 738 more words

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Album Review: Ha, Ha, He - Mourn

The first song on this album is one of the best due to its lack of vocals. Mourn claim to be inspired by the Ramones but in fact sound more like Blood Red Shoes, even Tuff Love but something about their vocals doesn’t sound right and causes most of the songs to sound so similar it’s hard to distinguish them. 96 more words

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