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Rebates for fee paying students?

The University of the West of Scotland has proposed that fee paying students should get refunded if they fail to achieve a degree. On the face of it, this could be a reasonable proposal to put forward as fee paying students will spend more money than those who are Scottish or within the EU. 291 more words

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Glasgow University named Scotland's 'booziest' University

Fancy a messybomb?

Glasgow University is widely acknowledged as a prestigious institution, with many awards and accolades to its name. But recently another title was added to this long list – fourth most boozy university in the UK, and booziest in Scotland. 298 more words

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Communities want students to stay in Student Accommodation.

Autumn is fast approaching and the hunt for student flats is on. Hidden underneath the struggles of scraping together a deposit, avoiding shark landlords and the realisation that what looked like the flat of your dreams on the website is actually a damp and grotty nightmare is a problem that has the potential to develop into something a lot more sinister. 674 more words

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Widening Access at Glasgow University

The Principal of Glasgow University, Anton Muscatelli, has recently joined a new Commission For Widening Access which aims to reduce inequality in admissions to Scottish universities. 715 more words

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Clicktivism: Power to the people?

As an avid clicktivist myself, I wouldn’t hesitate to reel off the benefits of having such a far-reaching, fast-paced method of getting your voice heard at your disposal.   702 more words

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Film Review: Jurassic World

In association with the Grosvenor

Rest assured that Jurassic World is worth every hype-building teaser trailer and inch of column space. Don’t, however, expect this film to imprint upon your nightmares the way the original 1992 Jurassic Park perhaps did. 475 more words


Arts review: Yer Granny

Dir. By Graham McLaren, King’s Theatre, 26-30 May

This version of the Spanish play La Nona by Roberto Cossa adapted by Douglas Maxwell saw its debut at The King’s in Glasgow with a very enthusiastic reception from the audience. 275 more words

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