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A Last Word

This picture illustrates in a woefully small way what the people of Russia went through in the last century, one such horror being this Great Patriotic War – World War II to us – that cost some 20 million of them their lives. 1,161 more words

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Generic Ratings: 1: Crap. 2: Okay. 3: Good. 4: Great

My favourite song from Lifeblood is unquestionably the warmest in terms of sound; that main riff is just so joyous that you’d expect this to be some triumphant song of rebellion, but lyrically it treads similar ground to much of the rest of the album, with admissions of defeat, of the mysterious passage of time sweeping so much away. 46 more words



Lines materializing not on paper
can actually drag a brainless pencil.

Ants squiggle around your Adidas-shod foot
blind, but never miss their mark in the bite. 110 more words


Helmut Kohl and the German re-unification

On this day of his passing it is good to look back at his biggest legacy, although he was not solely responsible for it, he did play a major and decisive part in it. 554 more words


new era

of a new era
is coming out

of new cohesion
is global spring

new relationships
designed by


Philosophy Of Jos

MMM’s Musical Exhibition Band Showcase Number One – Glasnost

From the dark, heavily-wooded hills of Pennsylvania shines a beacon of hardcore music. Glasnost is that shining light uses ripping-riffs, pounding percussion, slick bass work, and a punch of vocals that illustrates the City of Steel still has a few tricks up its sleeve. 239 more words

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Perestrojka och Glasnost blev slutet för sovjetsystemet och Gorbatjovs fall

Det började med att Gorbatjov saknade allt som handlade om ekonomiska reformer och någon typ av politik gentemot de forna sovjetrepublikerna. Nästa steg blev att han började släppa på den politiska kontrollen efter råd att göra så från de mer reforminriktade. 342 more words