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MTV desperately wants to reach millennials, but the VMAs are proof they're doing it wrong

Despite myself, I wanted to watch the MTV Video Music Awards this year. I wanted to see Nicki, Taylor (and squad), and maybe Beyoncé, and relish the painfully awkward moments that live awards shows so reliably deliver. 577 more words

\ by Jenny Ayrton

Memories captured in molten glass

\ by Jenny Ayrton

Jenny Ayrton was selected for Glass Biennale 2015 Award with her glass work, ‘Bench in the shade’.  

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Study: Children who watch TV at night are more prone to nightmares and sleep talking

At the end of a tiring day, often the easiest way to deal with an attention-seeking child is to turn on the TV. But, as with most easy solutions, there are downsides. 291 more words

Google Glass still has a future as a consumer device, claim two members of development team [Poll]

Two of the original team members behind Google Glass have insisted that the device still has a future for consumers, despite the company now pitching it exclusively at the… 312 more words


Tony Fadell implies in BBC interview that the Google Glass Explorer Edition may have been a mistake

Nest founder and former Apple iPod lead designer Tony Fadell has intimated in a BBC interview that the decision to make an early version of… 504 more words

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