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Scusi, Venice the Next Vaporetto to Murano?

Murano Glass is a famous product of the Venetian island of Murano. Most Murano glass art is made using the lamp working technique, where the glass is made from silica, which becomes liquid at high temperatures. 154 more words


No Idea On Kohei Nawa Red Deer

Kohei Nawa was born in 1975. He is one of Japan’s new generation of high-flying young artists. Over the last several years he has exhibited at the… 400 more words

Gallery Art

Lumia: The Art of Light (and Glass)

I’m pleased to announce that I have been awarded two high profile glass residencies in 2018! Both the Corning Museum of Glass and the Museum of Glass… 344 more words

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A bold new comedy puts young women at the heart of the Northern Ireland conflict

Teenage girls are often left out of literary and cultural representations of Northern Ireland. Children, in books and drama set during the Troubles, are often… 785 more words

Every gift guide you need, all in one place

Right now, the internet is overflowing with gift guides—daunting to navigate in these frantic days of holiday shopping. To make life a little easier, we put all our Quartz and Quartzy 2017 gift guides in one place: right here. 354 more words

Disney is buying 21st Century Fox in a deal that will change Hollywood forever

This is no Mickey Mouse deal: Disney is buying Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox for $52.4 billion, including its Hollywood film studio and properties such as  289 more words

You do not want to break your iPhone X screen without AppleCare

Congratulations to those of you who managed to purchase Apple’s latest designer rectangle, the iPhone X. Hopefully while you were buying your new phone, you either purchased AppleCare, Apple’s extended-warranty service, or a very sturdy case. 140 more words