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The biggest star in “The Martian” wasn’t Matt Damon—it was a GoPro

There’s a moment relatively early on in Ridley Scott’s “The Martian” when it becomes clear just how alone Matt Damon is.

After being left for dead by his crew, waking up in a pile of dust with a metal spike sticking out of him, Mark Watney (played by Damon) clamors back to the habitat and performs emergency surgery on himself. 814 more words

زجاج الدموع

زجاج الدموع

٢١ سبتمبر ٢٠١٥

تدفَق الحر

ذاب الثلج في الشمس

سالت المياه

تدرَب القهر

ذبل القلب فيَ

إنحنى الجسد

تكهَن الوغد

من دينه أشبع


How to watch the Emmys without cable

The Emmy Awards will air tonight (Sept. 20) at 8pm EST honoring shows that, increasingly, are being watched by people who don’t pay for cable… 470 more words

Why You Should Join Automotive Glass Engineers On LinkedIn

I created Automotive Glass Engineers on LinkedIn to provide a community forum as well as a talent base for potential clients, suppliers and talent acquisition firms. 246 more words


Build a Wor(l)d with 'ing' Solo Exhibition

I delighted to announce that I will be having a solo exhibition of my work at the Portico Library in Manchester from 2nd October – 31st October 2015.   64 more words


MTV desperately wants to reach millennials, but the VMAs are proof they're doing it wrong

Despite myself, I wanted to watch the MTV Video Music Awards this year. I wanted to see Nicki, Taylor (and squad), and maybe Beyoncé, and relish the painfully awkward moments that live awards shows so reliably deliver. 577 more words