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Going Super Size

Growth in aluminium accompanied by a shift to increased scale in product specification is driving change in IGU manufacture and the fenestration industry. 1,006 more words


The first month of Trump’s presidency looks like a missing chapter from "Lord of the Rings"

Lord of the Rings is an enduring metaphor for the cyclical struggle against a “destroyer who would devour all.” So it’s not surprising that after November’s US presidential election, … 638 more words

The twist ending of the sitcom “The Good Place” is worthy of M. Night Shyamalan

This story contains no spoilers.

Where Westworld failed, NBC’s metaphysical sitcom The Good Place succeeds. The show’s 13-show first season ended with a plot twist that viewers didn’t see coming, and it turns the show upside down. 385 more words

What "Sherlock's" painful finale teaches us about the "Golden Age of TV"

Not so long ago, television was seen as a boob tube for the drooling masses. But in what is widely referred to as a new Golden Age of television, the small screen is… 1,021 more words