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European dragons are mythical creatures. I met my first one as a kid when I read the “deutsche Heldensagen”/ Germanic mythology poems and ever since I am fascinated with them. 302 more words


Enrich Your Jewelry Or Decoration With Glass Beads

Glass beads are to make jewelry, but may be used to decorate purses, and several other items. It can be purchased from online or retail stores. 380 more words

Glass Beads

Part of My Week!

Lunch with a friend that I worked with at school…

Good conversation… a good fruity “real” drink…

and more food than I could eat!

A short trip about an hour away with my husband… to Belterra Casino… 182 more words

How to Photograph Beads

Take a better photo

Glass Beads

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Here is a basic photography set up , use a camera on a tripod for a clear focused photo. Print a sheet of grey paper for your back ground , this provides a neutral background . Invest in a light Studio, you can pick up a lighting kit on Ebay for under 30.00 ...contains tent and lights. You do not need a fancy camera , what makes a good photo is a stable camera and lighting , so if you only have a Iphone put it on a tripod . I guarantee you will be happy with the results.... If you have any questions I am happy to help... $_12

DIY Glass Photo Pendant Beaded Necklaces

You guys…

I’ve been working on a tutorial, but it isn’t done, and I just couldn’t wait any longer to share a photo of one of these necklaces! 370 more words