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Heavier, but healthier

Plastic bottles have a huge impact on our  environment, a negative one.The most of us are aware of this negative impact and try to reduce the amount we use, but it`s everywhere! 180 more words


Why most white wine in glass bottles

Many people think than ceramic bottle of liquor bottles more suitable for packaging, this idea of the original wine storage is indeed the case, ceramics have no smell, strong absorption, regulate acid-base and mineralized water quality, easy thermal properties not only adsorption and decomposition of methanol and liquor fusel oil to improve the quality of the wine, but also of free chlorine in the water and impurities, organic matter, bacteria such as adsorption, decomposition. 175 more words

Glass Bottle

Glass bottles food packaging advantages

Glass packaging in the food industry of force, in the past few years on the market performance gradually popular, many new food packaging plastic bottles are discarded and instead use glass bottles to package food. 209 more words

Glass Bottle

DIY Project - Altering Glass Jars

Glass jars/bottles have always been very interesting objects for me and I have used them in many craft projects. You can end up making gorgeous things out of them, especially for gifting purpose. 299 more words

Altered Art

Trash and Turtles

The old saying “No News is Good News” applies in many situations¬†– but unfortunately not when it comes to the Happy Beach saga. 268 more words



We all love a well decorated house. It really does not matter if a house is big or small but the decor of the house does. 729 more words


art nouveau bottle

Inspired by Alphonse Mucha, this medicine bottle turned into a vase)