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summer glass bottle

when you look at this bottle, the eye catches two see through layers that overlap, which produces an effect of summer air, with flying insects and dust specks above the water on a hot morning. 31 more words

glass candle lantern

Another zen doodled glass thingie that used to be a lantern for a candle but now holds my brushes. 

Homemade "Febreeze" Spray

Ever find you need a good alternative to certain cleaners you’ve come to love, but you don’t prefer some of the ingredients in those “other” cleaners? 102 more words

Beach Angels Exist

The October sea has been gentle and welcoming until last night, and today huge waves crash against happybeach – bringing familiar unwanted gifts. In the turbulent water a fishing net recently cast out can be spotted drifting further and further away from the shore. 223 more words

Bottle Tops

Witches Brew

Hai guys its Halloween , here i am to share special Halloween  Drink , Prepare this and Impress your Guests, Be creative and enjoy

If you are trying this out Don’t forget to Share a pic with me  ;) it always make me happy… 133 more words

Summer Quencher/Drinks

Heavier, but healthier

Plastic bottles have a huge impact on our  environment, a negative one.The most of us are aware of this negative impact and try to reduce the amount we use, but it`s everywhere! 180 more words


Why most white wine in glass bottles

Many people think than ceramic bottle of liquor bottles more suitable for packaging, this idea of the original wine storage is indeed the case, ceramics have no smell, strong absorption, regulate acid-base and mineralized water quality, easy thermal properties not only adsorption and decomposition of methanol and liquor fusel oil to improve the quality of the wine, but also of free chlorine in the water and impurities, organic matter, bacteria such as adsorption, decomposition. 175 more words

Glass Bottle