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Feminist Perspective: The Glass Castle

Hi, this is my multimedia presentation on The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. I read the book through the feminist perspective to apply literary theory to this memoir. 18 more words

"The Glass Castle" Through the Lens of Feminism

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Feminism in The Glass Castle

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Applying Feminist Theory to The Glass Castle

Here is a video, where I fully describe my analysis of The Glass Castle through the eyes of a feminist.

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Late Night Chat Time with Jana Abudeyah takes on Feminism with the Walls

Hope everyone enjoys the exclusive talk show with your host Jana Abudeyah and her guest stars, Jeanette Walls, Rosemary Walls and Rex Walls discussing the women in their lives and the roles that were taken. 86 more words

Archetypal theory in "The Glass Castle" by Jeanette Walls

At this point, I am just about half way through “The Glass Castle” Memoir of Jeanette Walls. As Jeanette Walls is going through her childhood of all the crazy experiences and memories shes’s accumulated throughout, I’ve come across some archetypal symbols that contribute to making the memoir more enjoyable and meaningful for readers like me! 865 more words

Common Archetypes in The Glass Castle

The Glass Castle is a memoir by Jeanette Walls which narrates the challenging experiences of her childhood including growing up in extreme poverty with unfit parents.   1,463 more words