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Book Review: The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

Oooof, this was one hell of a book.  I highly recommend it, even if…actually, especially if memoirs aren’t normally your thing.

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APRIL - Glass Castle (유리성)

Agi gomeul ttaragada
Saehayan gireul bwasseo
Machi donghwa sok yaegicheoreom
Modeun ge sinbihan geol Seureureureuk nae nuni gamgyeowa
Oh sareureureu
Noganaerin yuriseong ane 231 more words

Glass Castle- Free Will and Determinism

  • Does Jeannette Walls exert free will or is she simply a result of her circumstances?
  • Do we have free will or are we simply a result of our circumstances?
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Glass Castle

Autumn in Korea – Day 4(Jeju) – Osulloc Tea Museum , Jeju Glass Castle

Hi, Lil Sis is back. I will continue my posting about Autumn in Korea. Still at Day 4, after we go to Soingook Theme Park, we go to our next destination, Osulloc Tea Museum. 1,485 more words

Lil Sis

One Star

The Silver Star is a quick read. It’s short, and it’s not hard to read. Is it the best writing ever? Not really. But it isn’t the worst, either. 1,221 more words


SONG FOR THE COROMANDEL- A Hermit's Lament- From Godfrey

It was a good summer, we had Godfrey home for the first time in four years. He was full of beans and stories from “Great Southern Reaches”, tanned and toughened as snowgrass. 612 more words

Parenting Essay

Essay Writing Prompt: How much freedom and supervision should parents give their children? Are parents today too overprotective? Or is “free range” parenting a kind of neglect? 166 more words

11th Grade AP English Language