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Feminism in "The Glass Castle"...Details You May Have Missed

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In today’s blog I will be following the trend (with the past couple of blogs/vlogs I’ve been posting) and I will be focusing on the memoir “The Glass Castle”written by Jeannette Walls. 1,884 more words


The Feminist Perspective in The Glass Castle

The feminist theory is most relevant to The Glass Castle. Jeanette Walls, the protagonist, interacts differently between men and female. Jeannette favors her father more than her mother. 602 more words


Book Review: The Glass Castle

Book Review #18 – The Glass Castle (Jeannette Walls)


The Glass Castle, a memoir, shares Jeannette Wall’s experience growing up with her parents. Her parents who in many basic ways flat out refused to care for their children. 173 more words

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Archetypes that are found in "The Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls

Welcome to my blog! Today I will be writing about the archetypes found in “The Glass Castle”, a memoir, written by Jeannette Walls. Even if you aren’t interested in non-fiction literature I would still recommend that you read this. 3,503 more words


to sleep, perchance to dream

Right now, it’s 22:55 and I’m scrolling through a movie list, trying to find a film that will amuse me, but not stress me out. I deliberately scroll past films like “La La Land” and “Call Me By Your Name” and “the Glass Castle.” I can’t handle real emotions like that. 556 more words


The Childhood Story of Jeannette Walls

So the book I chose to read is called the “Glass Castle”, by Jeannette Walls. To start things off, the Glass Castle is a memoir about a young girl’s hardships growing up, the trials she went through, and how she broke through her parent’s oppression and became the successful woman she is today, which happens later on the book. 565 more words


Reading "The Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls with a reader response lens

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As I mentioned in my short bio, I love reading. I have always enjoyed it and I am constantly looking for new books to read.  1,524 more words