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Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Yesterday at Ottawa Cisco location we had a on-site career development training customized for us. Our speaker Andaleep was great at making this to be an interactive session to keep about 30 women engaged in this discussion. 638 more words

Why do I march?

That question is asked often, many times accompanied with a smirk. “Sarah, what do YOU have to march for?”

I read today that several  celebrities have removed themselves from the list of speakers and supporters of the Women’s March due to the leader’s links to Louis Farrakahn, who has expressed anti-Semitic, trans-phobic, and homophobic dumb-assery for some time. 682 more words

Make America . . .

“America is back”. That was the opening line of a recent commercial, and all I could think was “Really? Where was it?”.

As far as I can tell, America hasn’t taken a trip anywhere, though it has meandered a bit. 1,166 more words

Sexism is solved!

Attention: a man just solved the sexism issue and we can all go home and rest beneath our glass ceilings because our work is done. Thank you, man on the Internet, for your brilliant insight into our struggles as women and determining the cause. 1,009 more words


Pane of Glass

I started out onto the deck this morning to play fetch with Mika and met loss. She (this tiny cardinal) was on top of the gas grill right below the new sunroom windows and I know how she died. 508 more words

Writing Life

Poem #66

All of those scared little girls are
turning into strong, fearless, fierce
women taking control over their lives
and how does the world respond.
They call us bitches. 146 more words


To conform or not to conform, that is the question

A favourite exercise of mine when I take sessions for young children is to bring a few pics of some random magazine/newspaper cuttings of models and less known celebrities, and show to children and ask them what the people in the picture might be doing, what their favourite subject in school would be, or whether he/she wears… 482 more words

Asch's Conformity Test