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Hindrance of Selfies 500m high

I am a person that takes selfies. I think they’re fun. I sent them to friends (unasked for) and I even got a selfie stick.  Selfie Culture is something that has become a ‘thing’.   419 more words



Having recently returned from Toronto as a family we did the tourist circuit and one of the big things on the list was the CN Tower.   342 more words

What can be done about the UK's ‘glass floor’?

New research on the ‘glass floor’ presents a striking way to understand socioeconomic inequality in the UK. It also highlights ever-present problems in translating such information into policy: we understand the size of the problem well, speculate on its cause badly, and produce vague calls for government action ineffectively. 1,030 more words

Public Policy

Research by the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission finds that less able children from more affluent families are more 35% likely to become higher earners than more able children from more advantaged backgrounds

26th July 2015

Recent research commissioned by the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission and undertaken by the London School of Economics has identified a “glass floor” in British society that effectively protects better off but less able children from downward social mobility as they become adults. 411 more words

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Jobs For The Boys

Whilst a ‘glass floor’ protects the children of higher income middle class families from any reversal in social mobility, the same cannot be said for the children from poorer working class families.  212 more words

My one and only blog..... until now.

In August 2013, I wrote this blog………

For the summer holidays this year  my youngest daughter  decided that she would take her kids for a some days out, rather than go away for a week, and invited me to join them. 345 more words