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A rebuttal to the glass-half-empty syndrome

My previous post, Musings of a temporarily despairing optimist, lamented the reluctance of so many people to become part of a solution, preferring instead to complain about the problem, waiting for someone else to find the solution – and then complaining if they don’t like the solution. 748 more words


Contrary to my inner monologues, I do want to be happy

I’ve been told that I am a negative person, but I didn’t really believe it until last week.

Overall I think everyone has positive and negative viewpoints. 743 more words

'Are You Glad To Be In America'

Here I sit, in glorious isolation in my teepee on the Sidlaws, being served Earl Grey by Consuela (my Tejana maid). I allow myself only two hours of internet time per day, because I’m a recovering addict. 1,289 more words


Baldness Receding

A 60 year-old man who is told he’s going prematurely bald…

Glass Half-Full Or Glass Half-Empty?


Our Expectations Frame Our Experiences

Our expectations frame our experiences – no matter if we believe we:

  • Prefer summer over winter
  • Like light paint colours vs dark
  • Dislike vegetables
  • Expect Millennials to live up to the common negative stereotype…
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