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Another attempt to explain.

I used to write so much.

Why did I stop?  And why, despite intentions I list every year in my NY resolutions, have I been reluctant to begin again? 232 more words


waking up in the morning

glass half full or glass half empty
maybe it’s all empty
maybe i’m sitting in a dimly lit room
with only a sliver of sunlight even trying… 115 more words


Will you still love me tomorrow?

Interestingly enough, not surprising though, but interestingly enough, my apologies mean absolutely nothing. Shit. Zilch. I’m not surprised however. Because how many times can one person say “I’m sorry” before it doesn’t mean anything at all? 179 more words

Hashtag Negativity Wisdom

Are you a negative person? It’s a question we often ask ourselves after reading one of those “Top 5 Reasons Your Life Sucks” articles that tell us our negativity is to blame for all of our woes, or in response some happiness quiz in Cosmo (is that still a thing?) The answer, of course, should be, “Yes, I’m negative. 484 more words

Negativity Wisdom

Half a Glass

They say there are two types of people in the world:

Those that see the glass half empty and then those that see the glass as half full. 344 more words

I'm On A Rant

Personality Traits I Am Proud Of

It is often difficult to try and describe your own personality traits. In fact, all I did was take a personality test online and the results are….interesting to say the least. 432 more words

31 Days