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Cup Half Full? Or Half Empty?

Everywhere I go I go alone and because I’m alone I can happily go where I want do what I want and listen to music on my iPod as I do so. 329 more words

The Glass

I’ve always found the focus on whether or not a glass is half-empty, or half-full, quite strange. It’s supposedly a mark of someone’s outlook on life; their optimism – or lack thereof. 258 more words


The reason a half full glass isn't the right approach

Yesterday, I watched comedian Jeff Jeffries’ new stand-up special on Netflix called Freedumb. Toward the end, in between the laughable moments, he got personal and mentioned his fairly severe depression and the experience of having a doctor tell him he was probably on the autism spectrum. 399 more words


Glass Half Empty.....or Half Full?

Are you a glass half empty or half full person? I confess. I can often be a glass half-empty person….a bit of a pessimist. Not always. 396 more words

seeing glass half-empty

Argh… What a mess.

I am tired.

Almost exhausted.

One thing over the other.

It is all work-related of course…

You know I really believe in the fact that I usually have a tendency to see the glass half-empty.  263 more words


"Positive and Negative People"

Human beings love to box people into categories.  This includes labelling someone either a positive person or a negative person.  We tell one another to see the glass half empty, but half full, while I just see a glass containing liquid. 319 more words

Keats and Chapman refuse to leave you in peace

Keats and Chapman were having a friendly game of quoits one day. They were neck-and-neck on points, each being as good as the other at the sport. 163 more words