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November 4, 2017

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Self-made billionaire Naveen Jain, who came to America from India with just $5 in his pocket, reveals his best advice on how to make billions of dollars. 911 more words

The Wisdom Well

There is a glass half-empty

and an empty cup as well.
The first is but a pity
while the other rings a bell.

If I emptied my glass… 69 more words


A Glass Half-Empty

The universe is a big place. Of course, we all know this in the traditional sense. We know our earth is thousands of miles across, and the light from the nearest star other than our sun took 5 years to reach us. 842 more words

Deconstructing the Idea of Life in a Glass

Glass half empty or glass half full, who cares. I’ve heard it all about optimists and pessimists, and still the idea of stigmatizing people in such a way is distasteful. 440 more words

Why rush the race?

Daily Post: Scamper

What I truly love about going on vacation, in some ways I also hate; the trip itself.  Going is always exciting and rewarding, coming back is often a drudge.   626 more words


Another attempt to explain.

I used to write so much.

Why did I stop?  And why, despite intentions I list every year in my NY resolutions, have I been reluctant to begin again? 232 more words