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Keats and Chapman refuse to leave you in peace

Keats and Chapman were having a friendly game of quoits one day. They were neck-and-neck on points, each being as good as the other at the sport. 163 more words



I heard a story just the other day.

A butterfly flapped her wings

deep in the bamboo forest.

Apparently she cause a hurricane –

In Mozambique. 129 more words



when you ignore me
it doesn’t feel like you do not see me,
it feels like you see another me,
and that you are stepping on the real me, 30 more words


Glass Half Full? Be Glad You Have A Glass

I have a dear friend who years ago gifted me a small piece of rose quartz with the word abundance carved into it. As she gave it to me she said that she was giving it to me not to draw abundance into my life, but rather that I would see the abundance that already existed in my life. 465 more words

More Whispers of the Heart

Cooper walked into the office that morning wondering what the day held.

“Morning, Coop,” said Michael.  “Gotta sec?” It wasn’t really a request.  The urgency in Michael’s voice was clear. 534 more words

Five Ways to Ruin Your Week

We are surrounded by good advice on things like lifestyle, diet, and wellbeing. There has never been a time in history when we have been more empowerd to take control of our own lives. 762 more words