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The Taller Gardeners Greenhouse Solution.

When you are a taller person finding the right greenhouse with the right amount of head room can be a task, so a greenhouse with extra head room would be an ideal choice. 160 more words


Sculpture on the Peninsula 2015

This year’s show was as fabulous as usual, with almost 200 sculptures of all shapes , sizes and mediums. These 3 were my absolute favorites. I haven’t seen Greg Yee’s sculptural work before but this ceramic wood pile is beautiful and poetic.   112 more words

Loopy inSANAA "River"

My life as a reporter of architectural design review proceedings has over-taxed my ocular muscularity. My eyeballs roll furiously whenever an architect declares that his building’s “remarkable transparency” allows it to give “new meaning to the concept of ‘blending in.'” 569 more words


Max van Balgooy: My favorite history site

Max A. van Balgooy is president of Engaging Places, LLC, a design and strategy firm that connects people with historic places. Much of his work focuses on the value of objects, buildings, and landscapes in interpretation at such museums as Drayton Hall, Taliesin West, Cliveden, Gamble House, Lincoln’s Cottage, and James Madison’s Montpelier. 863 more words