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Add a decorative finish to your greenhouse.

For a professional and decorative finish to your aluminium greenhouse  add cresting’s and finials to the roof of your green house usual made from aluminium and not plastic these… 80 more words

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Bar Capping

Adding Bar Capping to your greenhouse will provide a much stronger hold for the greenhouse glazing but it also adds an attractive decorative finish.

The rubber fin on the bar capping will help protect your greenhouse against heavy rainfall because it adds a better water seal between the frame and the glass. 44 more words


Dear future Katie. Make good choices. 

Dear future Katie,

Make good choices. For gods sake girl, make good choices.

It started with a kiss. An innocent drunken kiss in a glass house. 1,223 more words

Blog. (Eurgh. Feelings.)

Finding The Right Greenhouse.

A greenhouse can offer a surprisingly spacious gardening experience and will fit into any modern style garden where space is at a premium, you will need to look out for integral gutters which gives the structure extra strength also a strong Ridge bar, an integral aluminium base, a door threshold that is dropped into the aluminium base, enabling you to walk into the structure without having to step or trip over the base in the doorway, at least one roof vent depending on the size of greenhouse you have chosen is also a good idea to incorporate in louvre vent if possible as you can never have too much ventilation in any greenhouse.

Robinsons regatta greenhouse.


Visit: The Glass House

There are a few buildings in the world that I think are essential viewing for any lover of architecture. Philip Johnson’s modern masterpiece in New Canaan, Connecticut is one of them. 1,686 more words

Glass Houses

Thankfully I still have shelter. My daughter and I are currently still in my apartment as my mother and her husband have lent me the money to stay another couple of months.I appreciate being in my own space more than I can relay. 352 more words