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Mason Jars Storage Ideas

What do you do when you only need half a box of pasta or a portion of a bag of beans? Most people just cook all of it and then the food goes to waste. 258 more words

10 WAys Kids Can Rock It Healthy - Week 4

This week let’s talk about recycling. With America Recycles Day coming up in November, now is the perfect time to get a jump start on what we want to recycle and how we can help our planet. 1,181 more words


String, a beautiful system that has been maintained through the decades, updated, upgraded, modernised & so functional that it’s plenty of opportunities for all surfaces. 6 more words

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Today's 10 Truths 

1. Stuff doesn’t always = bad. Sometimes stuff is good. Sometimes stuff is pretty for example my expanding glass bottle collection.

2. If I get mad I can say I’m sorry, but I also need to work on changing my behavior(s). 163 more words


Amazon can make you healthier

It seems impossible, but Amazon is really awesome for those who are time crunched and want to eat healthy.  There are a few tricks that I have to share with you so you can get on the road to better health. 211 more words

How to remove pesky labels and glue from jars

I like to recycle ie reuse ALL my glass jars when I do buy stuff in glass. But how to remove those pesky labels? A good soak in hot water or hot water and soap helps but in most cases, the glue/gum remains on the glass, doesn’t it? 202 more words


Step 7: Storage containers for staples

Recycling is not about throwing rubbish into the right recycling containers ( a common misconception in Spain!) but about re-using whatever you have so that you don’t end up throwing anything away, to either be remade in polluting and or energetic ways or to fill landfills. 286 more words

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