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More Dit Da Jow comments

If you went to http://www.eastmeetswest.com, for example, you could order a bottle of four (4) ounces of dit da jow for $40 plus any shipping and taxes. 166 more words

Different ways in which you can reuse a jam jar

Jam jars are some of the most versatile items that one can find. The empty jam jars can be put to variety of uses. The company have options for buying empty jam jars for meeting your domestic needs. 361 more words

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The Infinite Reusability of Glass Jars

My first introduction to mason jars was through the (I won’t lie) highly aesthetically pleasing hipster revolution. $7 ice tea in a jar with a striped paper straw, what a bargain? 1,185 more words

Glass Jars


One of my favorite changes in our kitchen was decanting all of our food items into glass containers.  I’ve always thought that everything we keep in our cabinets and closets should be just as neat and tidy as things that are in constant view.  206 more words


Random painted jar

Here’s another painted jar which is completely random. I was bored so this happened. I painted with fabric paints which you probably shouldn’t follow. I think the colour combination is quite nice though.

Glass Jar

Mini bottles - 1

These two bottle are actually empty paint bottles which were to be thrown out. Fortunately we found a way of using them.

This one was just made by drawing hearts with glitter question. 77 more words

Glass Jar

Zentangle Jar

Zen tangle is a nice way to relax and combining it with glass jars seemed like a good idea so here is the result. I decided to do only two sides as it was too time consuming. 38 more words

Glass Jar