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KALEIDOSCOPE Presents:"A Girl Named Cinderella"(Pt. 6)

“No, wait, come back,” cried the royal prince, “Please come back!! I do not even know your name, how will I ever find you?!” But as soon as the royal prince went outside onto the steps of the royal palace, Cinderella was already gone, and all that she had left behind was a certain glass slipper encrusted with a diamond. 997 more words


Just Another Lost Slipper

“A single inch/separates their two bodies/facing one another/in the picture” – Dunya Mikhail, “Tablets”

She was only one of uncountable numbers.  She was the last lost slipper in a sea of slippers, almost too unremarkable to be noticed.  842 more words

Fiction Sketch

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And I wake up from my sleep and must catch up with re-blogs of fellow writers'/bloggers' take on the classic tale for our Cinderella Anthology Project.

This is an awesome story from the perspective of the glass slipper. Enjoy reading this wonderful sweet story.

Thank you, Theresa! I do have my other one, I promise :) and it will be done say around Valentine's Day :)

There's this whole month left to come up with your own Cinderella story or poem. To inspire us, Valentine's Day is around the corner. :)

"Nostalgia is, 'Hey, remember the other mall that used to be there?'"*...

Built in the early 1970s, a decaying Midwestern relic of throw-away consumer architecture will be torn down and developed into an updated outdoor shopping space. What is lost in the process? 325 more words

the LITTLE girl who LOST her SHOE

. . . EVER since then I’ve been KNOWN as the LITTLE girl who LOST her SHOE

♡            ♡            ♡

I LOST my MOM when I was LITTLE and I’m not… 1,895 more words

Love At First Sight

I knew the first moment that I laid eyes on Cynthia, that she was the one for me. I knew that I had to do anything and everything that I could to find her. 18 more words


The Glass Slipper

I decided many years ago it would be me against the world – not ‘up’ against the world. What i mean is, I never bought into the Prince Charming idea; I never was a great fan of Fairy-tales. 310 more words