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the LITTLE girl who LOST her SHOE

. . . EVER since then I’ve been KNOWN as the LITTLE girl who LOST her SHOE

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I LOST my MOM when I was LITTLE and I’m not… 1,895 more words

KALEIDOSCOPE Presents "A Girl Named Cinderella"(Part 7)

Two days later, the royal king and queen had their servants and guardsmen post this proclamation:

The stepmother as well as her stepsisters just could not contain their excitement! 681 more words


KALEIDOSCOPE Presents:"A Girl Named Cinderella"(Part 6)

We last left Cinderella back on Wednesday when she and the royal prince were dancing at the grand ball in celebration of his 21st birthday; Then, as they we about to kiss, she looked at the clock and became shocked to learn that she had forgotten about the Fairy of The Starlight’s warning and to see that the clock was nearly 5 minutes to midnight! 

496 more words

Love At First Sight

I knew the first moment that I laid eyes on Cynthia, that she was the one for me. I knew that I had to do anything and everything that I could to find her. 18 more words


The Glass Slipper

I decided many years ago it would be me against the world – not ‘up’ against the world. What i mean is, I never bought into the Prince Charming idea; I never was a great fan of Fairy-tales. 310 more words

Sweetness in bitter times!

Mind crammed! That’s the best way to describe what I feel right now. Wow, this whole semester has been a total ride of faith for me. 1,111 more words