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The Glass Slipper

I decided many years ago it would be me against the world – not ‘up’ against the world. What i mean is, I never bought into the Prince Charming idea; I never was a great fan of Fairy-tales. 310 more words

Sweetness in bitter times!

Mind crammed! That’s the best way to describe what I feel right now. Wow, this whole semester has been a total ride of faith for me. 1,111 more words

My First Glass Slipper

Every little girl has a dream that prince charming will come along with a shiny glass slipper that magically fits her foot.  This glass slipper is usually a sparkly high heel.  323 more words


A Blue Slipper Church in Taiwan

Photo: Pilzland

Not since the renowned architect Phillip Johnson designed The City of Garden Grove, California’s “Crystal Cathedral” (which opened in 1980), has there been another structure as modern in conduct as that of another church in southern Chiayi, Taiwan. 125 more words

The Cinderella dilemma

I recently had about 12 hours to fill during a flight from LAX to Beijing. After eating and sleeping, I still had about 11 hours so I watched movies. 363 more words


Out of Control

It has all been tamped down for too long: The rage, the tears, the hysteria, the loud expressions of normal human emotions.

Today, I am feeling agitated and volcanic, as if I am about to blow – to yell and scream and throw things and tell people exactly what I think of them. 830 more words