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The Glass Slipper

“Take off that ugly pair of thick socks” yelled the prince in frustration, as he tried to slide the glass slipper onto the elder stepsister’s foot. 21 more words


Cinderella Dresses

I love everything about Cinderella. I have seen all of the movies and broadway shows possible. I wanted to dedicate this post to Cinderella because I am watching the movie tonight. 24 more words


'Heeling' quote

“If all else fails, go to the highest heel.” 15 more words


Feeling Better

I’m back and feeling a bit better for the most part. I’m not worried about the job situation anymore. That was silliness on my part in the first place. 339 more words


The Clock Strikes Twelve

When the clock strikes twelve
She doesn’t slow down
Glass against the marble loud
One shoe beneath her gown
One bare foot touches ground

When the clock resounds… 49 more words

"Fairy Tales"

there comes a point in time
when love becomes a choice

choosing to listen
instead of ignore
choosing to obey
instead of fall away
choosing to be present… 47 more words


Essence Cosmetics Cinderella Highlighter Powder

Hello Disney & Make-up friends!

Today I’m reviewing a product I got from Germany.

It’s the Essence Cosmetics Cinderella Highlighter Powder in 01 The Glass Slipper… 191 more words