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The Cinderella dilemma

I recently had about 12 hours to fill during a flight from LAX to Beijing. After eating and sleeping, I still had about 11 hours so I watched movies. 363 more words


Out of Control

It has all been tamped down for too long: The rage, the tears, the hysteria, the loud expressions of normal human emotions.

Today, I am feeling agitated and volcanic, as if I am about to blow – to yell and scream and throw things and tell people exactly what I think of them. 830 more words


Off to the Ball Cinderella...

Digital Painting: Photoshop + Wacom Intuos4

by: Christopher L. Smith

All rights reserved.


Latest Poetry: Cinderella Redux

He went from Prince Charming

To Prince Alarming

But I’ll be fine

The glass slipper

Was too tight and absurd anyway


Why I own 75 pairs of TOMS

Have you ever slipped your feet into a pair of shoes that feel just right? If not, you are missing out. I feel like Cinderella wearing a glass slipper when I wear TOMS. 507 more words

Everyday Life

Glass Slipper - Sativa Hybrid

SR-Flower: Glass Slipper – Sativa Hybrid

Picked this up recently from the dispensary to use as some daytime bud and it paid off nicely. It is a nice looking flower with some nice red hairs and a pile of crystals. 214 more words

High In Phoenix