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Diamond in the rough: From crack house to beauty salon

Dawn Dolphin-Wroblewski wanted diamonds for her birthday. Instead, her husband bought her a derelict building, that was once a haven for drugs, prostitution and crime. … 372 more words

Art And Culture

A Cinderella story

A silk ball gown at the end of it all for every girl, a happy ending?

Is this stereotype the reason she tends to search for Prince Charming and Ken in eveybody? 148 more words


Silver Sonnet

Years ago, I took a college poetry course. I have always been one to enjoy poetry. I do not feel I am the best poet; however, this has not stopped me from writing poems and enjoying the poems I have written. 782 more words



I watch the sky swell, her arched grey belly birthing
rain without a womb, I too, I whisper to her, I too am

a mother, my grief is born at dusk each day from the… 77 more words



As little girls, we were taught about princesses, happy endings, and glass slippers. We learned from storybooks and movies that marrying your prince charming was supposed to be the all elusive “happily ever after” and once that occurred, you could ride off into the sunset to live the rest of your life. 410 more words

Caught off Guard

The brain of a car-guy actually shares many traits with that of an artist. We both can be flighty, eccentric, and led away from practicality by a passionate whim. 1,237 more words

Car Guy Thoughts

A Haiku About Glass Slippers (and other things)

Fragility’s threat
To cut you when it shatters–
I could see through it.