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The Moral Imperative of the BRICS Paradigm

But there has been a marriage of corporate/banking interests with government in the US, resulting in a fascist, dictatorial, insensitive federal and local government, supplanting the people and their human and civil rights with the awesome power and cold-bloodlessness of an authoritarian state.

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The International Reporter

▶ Glenn Greenwald on America's Surveillance Society | Henry A. Wallace National Security Forum

In our quest to defeat terrorism, are we sacrificing free speech and creating a conformist society?   

BraveNewFilms.org  June 26, 2015

Perhaps no one has stirred the pot on the reach of the national security state than journalist Glenn Greenwald when he released information about the NSA from whistleblower Edward Snowden. 

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A2A with Nomi Prins

Source: TF Metals Report, by Turd Ferguson

Nomi Prins is the author of the must read book, “All The Presidents’ Bankers”. It was an honor to have her stop by for this webinar and this recording is well worth your time and attention. 155 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence


DOCUMENTARY : Inside Job (2010)

This is a very well done and informative documentary on the crimes committed by the U.S. Government and Wall Street bankers causing the massive housing bubble, and near financial collapse of 2008. 286 more words

"A Study In Contrasts": Take A Moment To Think About How It Is We Chose People To Be Our Political Heroes

I’m about to write something that will likely get me in hot water with a lot of my progressive friends. But in the end, if I make you pause to think, it will be worth it. 473 more words



I was half-awake, lying in bed today, as I listened to John Hockenberry’s guest Michael Lewis on NPR’s program The Takeaway. What a wake-up call that was! 633 more words

Capitalism And Democracy


Sometimes, I wonder about the basic intelligence of my people. Americans can be incredibly short-sighted, blind to both future and past. But that just means that teachers like me need to step up and show people what they may have overlooked—particularly when it is not just one problem, but a pattern. 1,320 more words

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