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A Hershey's Kiss and the Power of the Marketplace

We as consumers, collectively, have a great deal of power to affect change in the marketplace, albeit with incremental steps.  A campaign to force General Mills to produce Cheerios cereal without the use of GMOs was successful, and we now have not one, but two burgers available at Carl’s Jr. 782 more words

In Defense of Glass-Steagall Act

The Volcker rule, named for former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, attempts to modernize the Glass-Steagall firewall between commercial and investment banks for the 21st century.

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Hillary Clinton won’t propose reinstating a bank break-up law known as the Glass-Steagall Act

Hillary Clinton won’t propose reinstating a bank break-up law known as the Glass-Steagall Act – at least according to Alan Blinder, an economist who has been advising Clinton’s campaign. 115 more words

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Hillary Clinton will not propose to reinstate the bank break-up law known as the Glass-Steagall Act states Alan Blinder an economist and adviser to her campaign. That is not surprising when you consider that it was Bill Clinton that signed legislation repealing the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999 as the big Wall Street banks requested.

Banks still trump citizens in the minds of regulators

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act turned five this week. The bill did not eliminate bad actors. But as economist Dean Baker explained in a… 1,280 more words


A new Glass-Steagall for banks: One giant step for Congress, one small step for us all

It looks like corporate governance just might be a hot topic for the Democratic presidential primary debates. Who’d have guessed?

Senators Elizabeth Warren, John McCain, Maria Cantwell, and Angus King have proposed a new Glass-Steagall bill. 1,105 more words



A bipartisan handful of law makers have proposed a reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act, as a protection for taxpayers and to prevent financial institutions from becoming “too big to fail.” 194 more words

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