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TPP Is Not Dead: It’s Now Called the Trade In Services Agreement

By Pete Dolack and cross-posted from Counterpunch.org

One can hear the cry ringing through the boardrooms of capital: “Free trade is dead! Long live free trade!” 417 more words

Rigging The Game

Who Killed Our Middle Class?

Popular Economics Weekly

It’s becoming clear that our Middle Class—the midsection of U.S. earners and consumers—has shrunk alarmingly. And this is the main reason for the political polarization today that in the words of journalist Christopher Hedges, has driven the Republican Party “insane”. 733 more words

Weekly Financial News

Syndikoidut rahoitusratkaisut

Finanssikerho etsii aktiivisesti hyödyntämättömän innovatiivisia rahoitusratkaisuja, kuin myös erilaisia sovelluksia rahoituksen saamiseksi, myöntämiseksi, kuin hyödyntämiseksi pääomamarkkinoilla.
Rahoitus-sovellukset ja digitaalisia toimintaympäristöjä hyödyntävät innovaatiot ovat nykyään jo arkipäivää finanssisektorilla, mutta niiden tutkiminen ja hyödyntämätön potenttiaali eri sidosryhmien välillä on kiinnostava aspekti, joka vaatii ehdottomasti aiheeseen perehtymistä. 267 more words


Politics: Trump, Banking, and the Economy

Before I begin this blog post, I want to put in a disclaimer. When I started this blog, I had no intention of talking much about either politics or business. 486 more words


Why the establishment were clean-bowled by Trump

Forget private email servers and sex tapes. Forget men versus women. This election was decided on the following three issues:

1. Globalization.

Currency manipulation by emerging economies like China and consequent offshoring of blue-collar jobs has gutted the US manufacturing sector. 501 more words

US & Canada

Requiem for the American Dream (4)

The third principle of the concentration of wealth and power is “Redesign the Economy,” i.e., use your political influence to change the rules of the economic system, so that it favors the already advantaged class in new and more powerful ways. 2,470 more words


The Hole dug by Wells Fargo Bank

Wow, what can I say about the chicanery at the Wells Fargo Bank! It is shocking us here in the States. Here’s one version of the fraud story as reported by… 522 more words