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Etched Glass High Ball Glasses

I’m leaving my job soon, and as a thank you to my amazing bosses, I made them each a set of high ball glasses (one loves bourbon; the other, whiskey). 137 more words


Glass Substrate Market Product Overview and Future scope 2022

The Global Glass Substrate Market is expected to grow at an exponential CAGR in the years to come. The industry report gives a fair idea of the business together with descriptions, categorizations, uses, and manufacturing sequence arrangement. 333 more words

Chemicals & Materials

OnePlus 6 will have glass back, says CEO. But wireless charging isn't confirmed

(Source: thenextweb.com)

The very first leaked image of the OnePlus 6 showed off the phone with what appeared to be a glass back, something we hadn’t seen since the the… 471 more words


The History of Roman Glass

During 100 A.D, Romans were excellent clear glass makers. They were so good at making clear glass, that most Roman jobs were glass-making jobs. Romans made glass with sand (silica), flux made from soda lime (coral, lime stone, and chalk.) and pot ash. 121 more words

Colored Glass

The Science of Fun

To enjoy a drink to the fullest, it needs to be served in the right glasses and needs to be paired up with the right kind of foods; food that you think goes well with your drink. 57 more words


Squeezed filament

In the last post you may have seen the hairband on the printbed and there was a little part where the print wasn’t correctly printed. It is the part on the left as you can see it on photo below. 172 more words