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Corning Museum of Glass

Over the Memorial Day weekend I went to the Corning Museum of Glass during my trip to finger lakes. It was a interesting experience there was much pretty glasses and I was able to make my own glass in one of their glassblowing workshops.


Apprentice Glassware

Practice makes perfect imperfection on the path to mastery. A side benefit of educating a new generation of artisans? Seeing and feeling the vibrant authenticity of their initial creations. 251 more words


The Basics of Traditional Glassblowing

Hayley Ninnis is a Pennsylvania graduate student and entrepreneur who guides Hayley’s Vintage Clothing and Jewelry, and has a passion for knitting and sewing. Also a quilt collector, Hayley Ninnis enjoys activities such as tie-dyeing and glassblowing in her free time. 186 more words

Hayley Ninnis

Place - Ten-Photo-Daytrip/Wheaton Arts

A daytrip to Wheaton Arts is a must if you are in the Philadelphia area and love blown glass and glass artworks.

Walk through the museum first. 277 more words


Our Venture into Glass Art

Over the past few years, I have gotten involved deep enough into the Cannabis community to develop an admiration and desire to indulge in the unique art of glassblowing. 1,499 more words


Diving in Beyond the Cloth...

I’m terrified of public speaking. It’s my kryptonite. I get so nervous! Sweaty palms, I freeze, my mind goes blank with all of those faces just staring blankly back at me… you name it and it happens to me. 279 more words



Spring 2018. My foray into glassblowing. 118 more words