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Scarborough Renaissance Festival, 2017 - Part the Second

Once more to the Ren Faire!  If you’re interested in what happened the last week, you can find that here.

I didn’t go with the group this time, though we certainly crossed paths a few times while we were there.   3,594 more words


Flash Fiction Friday: Porcqupyne

by: Raf De Bie

Last week, I asked Cynthia to marry me. Today, the mailman hands me her reply: an empty piece of paper and a plastic bag stuffed with vowels, consonants, and punctuation marks. 879 more words

Norfolk: Through the Looking Glass

What comes to mind when I say “Norfolk, Virginia?” The Hampton Roads? It’s one of the largest natural harbors in the world. The Navy base? I always did like a man in uniform.  1,279 more words

Hot Glass Promo

In this short video, Suzi Perret sat down to discuss the feeling of working with glass.  She describes the experience of forming the hot molten material into abstract works of art for all to enjoy.


The Art of Glassblowing

Suzi Perret shares the “romantic expression” of glassblowing. This abstract art takes planning and attention to detail, which Perret says allows the viewer to interpret and make the story last.


A Great Glass Blowing Experience in Dallas

For Christmas, I purchased a glassblowing workshop with a Groupon for my wife. This weekend we finally got around to going to the workshop by Aaron Tate… 170 more words

Makawao, the "Old West" of Maui

This feels like an old Western movie town,” is exactly what I said staring down Olinda Road. You could almost imagine days gone by, with red dirt streets, seeing a stagecoach rolling past horses tied to the sidewalk rails, and cowboys drinking whisky in the saloon.  447 more words