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American Glass Manufacturers Under Fire

This just in…..this article is from Architectural Glass Arts.  I am including the article in its entirety for all who might be concerned about over reach of regulation from up on high.   791 more words

Art And Design

Peep show in Nuutajärvi > 28.5.2016 onwards!

Oh dear, Nuutajärvi summer exhibition is just around the corner! This year the exhibition is titled Peep show! The artworks are shown in a box – where you need to peak in – and be surprised… The exhibition opens 28.5.2016 at 3pm in old factory building (Vanhan Hytin halli) and it will run until 14.8.2016. 149 more words

On Competition In The Arts

I have a friend who’s a glassblower, and I’ve always been amazed how solitary glassblowers are at times. Of course, to blow the coolest, craziest stuff, you need a team, but many glassblowers have cliques and secrets of the craft that they don’t necessarily want getting out for others to use. 612 more words



Summer exhibitions are soon opening. I have been working with graal’s that have 3 image layers on top of each other. These super thick pieces need 10 day annealing, so next Thursday will be really exiting day when the annealer is finally opened.


Some Like it Hot: An Adventure in Glassblowing [Haliburton Highlands, ON]

I think I remember the first time I saw a glass artist blowing glass; it was around 2003 and I was a student at the University of Waterloo spending a fine afternoon in the beautiful and quaint village of St. 2,656 more words


Glassblowing Isn't As Easy As It Looks

Among the many unique interests Hayley Ninnis has developed over the years is glassblowing. This unique art form is one that few are able to master, but Hayley Ninnis and others who put in the necessary time to learn it find it to be very rewarding. 133 more words

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