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Those that came before

We are held by unseen hands family that came before to hack through the wild make a trail.   We are held by their stories, mistakes and courage. 15 more words


Mama Needs New Glasses - Perfect Glasses Review AD

When I was pregnant with Connor 4 years ago, I noticed a major change in my vision, obviously I got it checked out straight away and bought myself some new glasses only for my prescription to change again when he was born. 448 more words


The sun has been out this week! I love this warmer weather, but it occurred to me that I have officially broken every pair of sunglasses I own. 115 more words


Woodworn - Luxury Woodframed Glasses


Make yourself unique and awesome with a pair of these Woodworn glasses. With a premium feel and novel design, it’s a must have for any outdoor travel. 7 more words

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How Radiologists Determine Left And Right On X-Rays

Because the human skeleton has bilateral symmetry, meaning that the left side and right side look identical for the most part. Individuals may have certain distinctions, such as a fore-shortened or missing limb, but the average person’s left side is not distinguishable from the right side on an x-ray. 369 more words


Last weekend clinic before the summer 😍


So… my computer isn’t wanting to play. Hopefully it is mendable but who knows…

That’s what I think about technology.

Weather has been lovely! Danza is going really well 😍 64 more words