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I got glasses chains for myself!!!!

Hello lovely readers and WordPress,

I wanted to share this really cool thing with you guys! I got myself reading glasses chains! 👓- Even though I never take my glasses off my public 🤓. 111 more words


💜✨New new new ✨💜

So tomorrow (technically today) I have an eye appointment, I’m going for a brand new prescription. I’m going for glasses and contacts. I’m excited, but nervous, because I hate the eye puff thing they have to do. 270 more words


Douglas, You Need Glasses by Ged Adamson

Douglas, You need Glasses by Jed Adamson; illustrated by Jed Adamson. 2016. Pencil and watercolor.

Brief Summary: Douglas(a dog) does not realize he is near-sighted and keeps mistaking objects. 54 more words

Book Reviews

Laser Eye Surgery: The Eye Infection Scare

It was 3 weeks before surgery and we were on a family summer holiday in Nova Scotia when my eyes start getting really itchy and gritty.  303 more words

Laser Eye Surgery

Why Laser Eye Surgery?

I haven’t used this blog in a long long time, and I’m reactivating it to journal my laser eye surgery experience.

I’ve been wearing glasses and contact lenses for almost 30 years now.   300 more words

Laser Eye Surgery