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A Dwarf Greenhouse.

This type of greenhouse is a part brick and part aluminium with glass and is a very popular choice when you would like a greenhouse to be a certain height. 83 more words



There is a special feeling when you come home and it smells like your HOME. For me home right now smells like the Amalfi Coast, Montego Bay and Oahu.  40 more words


Greenhouse Wooden Frame.

The wooden greenhouse has a more traditional feel and can will blend in with any garden environment they are available in many different sizes and designs. 88 more words


Bar Capping

Adding Bar Capping to your greenhouse will provide a much stronger hold for the greenhouse glazing but it also adds an attractive decorative finish.

The rubber fin on the bar capping will help protect your greenhouse against heavy rainfall because it adds a better water seal between the frame and the glass. 44 more words


Glasshouse Haul (Not sponsored)

I love hauls on youTube and on blogs though I rarely buy enough things at once to justify one of my own, however I got a lovely little package from Glasshouse today and I wanted to share. 337 more words