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When thinking about buying a greenhouse knowing what the glazing types are can help you make the right choice for your needs.

1.Horticultural glass

this is usually a thick overlapping glass sheet when broken will shatter into large sharp jagged pieces which can cause serious harm if not careful when removing it is the cheapest of the three glazings and it can be prone to algae and moss where the glass overlaps. 98 more words

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April Favourites

It’s a long weekend and I’ve been struck down with a horrendous head cold, the weather’s gone from humid to rainy back to humid, and that… 729 more words


May Notebook

Garden tasks for May 

  • Don’t get caught out by late and unexpected frosts! Keep some garden fleece handy and cover tender plants when temperatures drop.
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Review of community buildings

It is not meant to worry current users of community buildings like the Glasshouse but the council has a duty to periodically review the use of such property portfolio. 181 more words

New challenges for Parkview Estate

Recently an e-mail has been received from a concerned resident and member of the TRA with the following wording: “…..as the estate currently faces big challenges with the developments of the Gatehouse school and the Chest hospital threatening to block light from residents’ homes. 33 more words

Parkview Estate

From Tiny Acorns...

They say the devil makes work for idle hands. He turned the fingers on mine green – or at least, I hope he did.

One day last summer, bored out of my tiny mind, I wandered out in to my concrete back yard. 338 more words

Plot 26

Amazing! A Cylindrical Glass House Built Around A Tree

A. Masow Architects brings us “Tree In The House,” a cylindrical glass house built around a tree. Currently, it’s just a concept, but hopefully, one day, for rich people who can afford its sake, it will be a reality. 47 more words