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I’m A.J. Bray…and I write. Beyond that blanket term, the boundaries blur and haze over, as that is more of the vehicle for my other activities than my sole vocation — though a vocation it is. 429 more words

Cockroach Allergens May Increase Glaucoma Risk

Exposure to cockroaches and cats may increase the risk for glaucoma, new research shows. People with glaucoma had significantly higher levels of immunoglobulin E, a type of allergic antibody, compared to people without glaucoma. 54 more words

Why my eye needs a safety relief valve

I have no history of glaucoma, none in the family, and was initially, maybe 10 years ago, treated with drops to reduce my eye pressure, picked up in eye tests as being too high. 1,220 more words

Technology Developments

Skepticism: It's Good For You

As someone who has had glaucoma for fourteen years, tried countless combinations of medications, and undergone several surgeries, I’m especially perturbed by the number of videos on YouTube proclaiming: “Natural Cure For Glaucoma!” 279 more words


SAVE AN EYE, SAVE A FUTURE by Akindele Olabode

Hmm, reflecting on life and asking very salient questions, how much do people really care about their lives?? How often do we go for medical checkups?? 606 more words


Eye Disease and Diabetes: Early Detection Helps Preserve Vision

**By Thomas Saunders, OD**

As a doctor of optometry, I help care for the eye health of hundreds of Puget Sound-area residents each year. With more than 9 percent of Americans having been diagnosed with diabetes and millions more still undiagnosed, many of the patients who come to our office are concerned with the potential complications of this disease. 707 more words

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A Big Thank You Is In Order...

Thank you, Facebook Accessibility! As of November 6, Facebook supports Dynamic Type (aka larger text) on iPhone and iPad. These updates may take a few days to roll out; my phone just updated today. 117 more words