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Glaucoma medication could treat Tuberculosis, new research claims

A new research paper published in the journal Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy by scientists from Michigan State University suggests that a common medication used to treat glaucoma, could treat even the toughest drug-resistant kind of Tuberculosis. 377 more words


Different Types of Glaucoma and its Treatments

Glaucoma eye disease is described as the damage of nerves in eyes due to increased liquid weight in the eye which leads to loss of visibility. 807 more words

Eye Disorders

An essential source on preventing and treating eye disease

The book, The Aging Eye: Preventing and treating eye disease, is an invaluable part of the series from Harvard Medical School Special Health Reports. This informative publication, by Laura C. 72 more words

Vision Loss

The fear of the known.

The fear of having what you might already suspect confirmed, is sometimes more scary than the fear of the unknown. This particularly seems to be the case when it comes to some medical tests. 549 more words


Do I Really Have My Father's Eyes?

All my life, I’ve been told I had my father’s eyes. Family lore has it that a complete stranger came up to my mother at a county park when I was a baby, pointed to my rosy cheeks and impossibly pale blue eyes and announced that she had no idea who my mother was, but that I clearly was a member of my father’s family.  749 more words

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Dialogue In The Dark | Malaysia

Dialogue in the Dark is an experience like no other. In just 45 minutes, we get to learn how it feels like to live in this world without the gift of sight. 413 more words


Impressive Ways to Treat Glaucoma

You’ve had eyesight issues following the time when you were a kid. For more than 40 years, you’ve worn restorative lenses and kept a couple of contact lenses close by. 480 more words

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