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Scientists Explain the Physics of the Perfect Pancakes

Have you ever wondered why your pancakes sometimes have ugly craters, or a weird ring around their edges? A new analysis of pancake recipes could help you exploit physics to make the perfect pancake — and possibly one day save your sight.

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Ask the Expert: Tower Clock Eye Center, February 3

Tower Clock Eye Center is an independent Ophthalmology practice providing medical and surgical eye care for patients in Northeast Wisconsin for more than 30 years. 45 more words

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Weekly Roundup: biotechin.asia

January 25th – January 31st 2016

Zika virus has ‘explosive pandemic potential’, says WHO

The Zika virus, according to the World Health Organization, is “spreading explosively” and could infect as many as four million people in the Americas alone.   568 more words


Glaucoma Healthy Lifestyle Tips | Best Home Health Permian Basin | Hochomecare

In recognition of January Glaucoma awareness month (yes we know it’s almost February 😁…)
 would like to share with you some healthy lifestyle tips!
But first…what is Glaucoma? 768 more words

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Consideration Of Others

In today’s society is it unreasonable to expect others to be conscious of other people’s safety and welfare or is it every man for themselves? … 618 more words

Eye Massage & 5FU

So, I went for my post op check up yesterday…

Over the past week I had noticed that my vision had started to blur again but I put this down to all the eye drops I was taking,in particular atropine which dilates the pupil and thus makes it hard for the eye to focus, I didn’t really want to think about the fact that it could have been down to the pressure in my eye. 382 more words


Drug Delivery for Glaucoma Treatment

The leading cause of blindness, especially among the elderly is glaucoma, a condition that affects the optic nerve of the eye. Over time the disease slowly progresses and causes in rapid loss in vision. 219 more words