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Ghost in the Machine: How Big Pharma Controls Our Perception of Drug Safety and Effectiveness

Drug Safety and Media Shaped by Big Pharma

In this article, we look at the “Ghost in the Machine” – the murderous forces in our health care system that harm patients instead of help them. 11,766 more words


Big Pharma and Big Profits: The Multibillion Dollar Vaccine Market

By Timothy Alexander Guzman | Silent Crow News

The business of vaccines is soon to become a major source of profits for the world’s largest pharmaceutical corporations. 1,203 more words


New Index Fund


Today I decided to get out of a few small positions I had taken in my IRA account and invest in an index fund for cannabis.  333 more words


NIH launches partnership to improve success of clinical trials for patients with Parkinson’s disease

The National Institutes of Health is teaming with government, biopharmaceutical, life science and non-profit organizations to overcome obstacles and increase success for advancing promising treatments for Parkinson’s disease (PD). 998 more words


Contributions & Dividends

1/5 & 1/12/2018

I contributed $105 to my IRA and $25 to my brokerage account each week.


I received $0.12 dividend from the AAP stock I recently sold, this was paid in cash into my brokerage account.  211 more words


Taking Profits


I contributed $75 to my IRA and $25 to my brokerage.  I increased my weekly contribution to my IRA from $50 to $75 from this point forward. 156 more words


GSK attracts negative rating news coverage as analysts turn bearish on stock

Analysts’ bearish stance on GSK weighs on stock price heavily

Media coverage for GlaxoSmithKline Plc, one of the world’s largest drug makers was dominated by Stock Rating related news items in the past 90-days.  244 more words