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"Kitchen Sink" Scones: Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips, Coconut, and Eggnog Glaze

Banana bread is a tradition in my family, I suppose, insofar as it was a popular thing to do with bananas that had gotten a little bit too ripe. 439 more words


clay: It's not always Unicorns and Rainbows

Working with clay is not always unicorns and rainbows as our class was reminded of this past when the kiln malfunction and burned, fried, and exploded some of our pieces, including my octopus chalice that I have been working on for weeks :/ 167 more words

View Of The Lens

Hot Cross Buns Revisited

Last Easter I discovered this fabulous recipe from Jamie Oliver. The recipe appeared in

Jamie Magazine Issue 18:


I’m re-blogging the recipe in this pre-Easter week, as I am going to try a new recipe later this week for Easter 2015. 526 more words

Sweet Food

Whiskey Glazed Ham

I confess! I am a meat lover and I eat pork. Before my vegetarian brothers and sisters get up in arms, I want you to know I also love veggies. 485 more words


Whole Roasted Chicken with Spiced Apples & Onions

This evening I was feeling bold. I wanted to take on something I hadn’t tried before in the kitchen. The past week in class we had roasted a whole chicken and I remembered how wonderful it smelled cooking in the oven. 238 more words