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Korean fried chicken, probably the best fried chicken I’ve ever tasted. Honestly saying I am so addicted with it. Crispy fried chicken coated with special sauce, no gravy, no catsup whatsoever needed. 363 more words


Testing my clay

Firing tests
The test tiles I made from clay sourced from my local area in North Wales were fired at different temperatures between 1000C and 1280C. 548 more words


Glaze tests - low firing

My first glaze test tiles have come out of the kiln, frankly with quite disappointing results. I used the recipe for a Blue grey speckle glaze… 162 more words


Dynamics of kiln firing

Firing converts ceramic work from weak clay into a strong, durable, crystalline glasslike form. Ceramic work is typically fired twice: it is bisque fired and then glaze fired. 207 more words


Glaze chemistry

In its most basic form, glaze can be understood as a combination of three fundamental components: glass former, flux & refractory.

Glaze chemistry is learning what each oxide does in a fired glaze and the relative advantages and disadvantages of each material supplying it. 811 more words


1/10/17 Tuesday Art Journal Prompt

I had so much fun with this one! You can be as complex or simple as you choose in your page. I got fairly complex and I love the layers I achieved and the final look I got. 101 more words


Wrapping up 2016

The holidays are over. We made it through another year. Phew!
I love this time of year. The house gets cleared of its Christmas clutter & the social calendar grinds to a halt making time for creativity and reflection. 156 more words