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New Site...

Hey guys,

Jewellery Box is no longer going to be an active blog. Please use this link to access my brand new site called Glaze which will focus on jewellery, lifestyle and fashion.

Happy reading!


Jong-min Lee - meditations in white

I came across Jong-min Lee’s porcelain art very recently on Facebook. Instantly, I was filled with awe and wonder looking at the images of his work. 373 more words


Adam Buick

Similarly to last year I have been inspired by Adam Buick’s work as he is inspired by the landscape and uses a lot of dug clay and materials within his pieces. 120 more words


Andrea Spencer

The work of Andrea Spencer has caught my eye as although she works in glass; she explore the material qualities of it. She uses the properties of one material to mimic another such as, creates seaweed in out of glass. 45 more words


Pippin Drysdale

Whilst researching for my dissertation I found the work of Pippin Drysdale who uses barium carbonate glazes to create these pieces inside by my trips across the landscape. 65 more words


Cork lids

In first year I purchased a few cork lids at the same size in the intent of making something to fit them, however I later found that it was quite difficult to make something to fit as the clay shrinks during drying and firing. 133 more words


Glazing problems

As you can see in these images on one of my rock pieces after a 1280 firing on previously tested glaze, the glaze in parts began to flake off. 131 more words