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Sunday Reads: Silly Human Race

Good Afternoon

Or Morning, if I actually got this post up in time.

Yesterday was a good day for Hillary and her supporters.

I am so lucky to have found out the outcome of the Nevada democrat caucuses from a text sent to me by Mona…I want to share it with you because I feel many of you are experiencing the same emotional exhaustion and disgust that this 2016 primary campaign has brought about. 3,369 more words

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Friday Reads: Welcome to the Jungle

How very ironic that it is my day to post and it’s the very day that all my gay friends get access to the one institution that I tell every one I know and love to avoid like a plague. ¬† 2,194 more words

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Wednesday Reads: The Wo-Man In Us All

From the film: Priscilla, Queen of the DesertTICK’S APPARTMENT.Tick is demonstrating a gaudy arrangement of facialproducts to a potential customer.Tick: Wo-man is a unique range of specialty facial… 3,423 more words
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