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Friday Reads: Welcome to the Jungle

How very ironic that it is my day to post and it’s the very day that all my gay friends get access to the one institution that I tell every one I know and love to avoid like a plague.   2,194 more words

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Wednesday Reads: The Wo-Man In Us All

From the film: Priscilla, Queen of the DesertTICK’S APPARTMENT.Tick is demonstrating a gaudy arrangement of facialproducts to a potential customer.Tick: Wo-man is a unique range of specialty facial… 3,423 more words
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Sunday Reads: Everything Looks Better in Autochrome

Good Afternoon

Still moving sick and slow,  and so this morning’s post is barely going to seem coherent.

While you read the links enjoy the images, which are actual color photographs from the beginning of the medium. 2,019 more words

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Friday Reads: The Theocratic Tango

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Right wing religious extremists in the US continue their incredible movement to ignore our Constitution’s separation of church and state to push hate agendas throughout various states in the country.   2,269 more words

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Sunday Reads: A Morbidity Play for the Masses

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Oh, isn’t it spectacular that my internet is working? In fact, it has been functioning long enough for me to work on uploading some photos for a thread I have been planning since Robin Williams committed suicide. 3,067 more words

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Thursday Reads: Towards a More Perfect Union

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Today’s beautiful messages and images can be found here. 
The reactionary and wildly creative decisions coming out of the Supreme Court are already having ramifications across the country where women, minorities, and the GLBT community are having to fight for their very basic rights.   2,392 more words

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Tuesday Reads: Live and Let Live Edition

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Why is it that many religious people just cannot live without imposing their views on others? That’s one of the things I’ve been thinking about since the reliably patriarchal side of SCOTUS took one more step to force  their favorite flavor of religion on the rest of us.   2,348 more words

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