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Bleeding Earth

“The earth isn’t trying to kill us; it’s trying to unite us.”

Title: Bleeding Earth

Author: Kaitlin Ward

Series: Standalone

Publication: February 9th 2016 by Adaptive Books…

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She didn’t stop bumping, though, and Emma wasn’t entirely sure she wanted her to.


In Spring

beneath a warm spring sun
roots exposed, briefly,
covered over, tamped down
in humid, dark soil,
the smell of growth,
the scent of living,
the planting of gardenias and lilacs, 42 more words



Izzy kept washing, sloshing crockery around in the soapy water.


Wedded-ness-Monday 4th October 1999

This piece of work belonged to my then latest Opus, called ‘wedding’. The pictures always seemed to come first and as in all my Works, it holds within it symbols of my life with Jessica up to that time. 393 more words


Other gods-4/10/1999

This work drew itself out of a Sermon given by the Rev. Ray Richmond concerning Jesus’ walking on the water. It was Peter’s actions which we examined that day, and this response which drew itself from my heart, represents all the fears and hopes which restrained me from my walk on water. 353 more words