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Fairy tales

Once upon a time,

it starts.

To begin it not

Acceptance since—

It is as it has always been.

love and loss,

desire and lust, 86 more words



The seventh rehearsal begins.

Poison drips into your veins.

You begin to sleep.

So I descend

to collect the white pills

that keep the pain at bay. 408 more words



“You do. I can see you want to.”

“I will if you keep pushing me,” Emma said.

“So do.”

“I will,” Emma said, almost tempted.

“Ask,” Izzy said. “Go on.”


Gender Roles

As a people we have preconceived gender roles that have been so ingrained into life that when a someone normally a child doesn’t fit into those roles there seems to be a big problem with it and there shouldn’t be one at all because kids are still trying to find where they fit into this world we have there is no need to put all this pressure on them to fit into gender roles that they don’t fully understand yet let alone tell them what boys are suppose to do and what girls are supposed to do. 154 more words

Happy Fourth of July-Dependence Day!

!! Snark attack- trigger warning!! Proceed with clarity of mind…

Who needs ISIS when Greece, Spain, Portugal, France-the totality of the West-can self-destruct from within just by voting for idiots and appointing people into positions of power who have no business (or moral rectitude or moral courage) for holding the position they are in? 1,416 more words

Political Commentary


“Ask me,” Izzy said, smiling slightly, as if she was teasing.

“No,” Emma said.

“You want to.”

“No, I don’t.”


All or nothing

I don’t know why I want to do this, but I’ll do it anyway to get it off my chest. In an earlier post I said that I had thought that maybe I should have been born a girl well that’s only half true, I used to strongly believe I was a girl then as I got older the feeling went away and I don’t feel that way anymore now I feel that I’m a little bit male and a little bit female and I’m good with that. 345 more words