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Make Basil Great Again

While in seminary I had a pet basil named Basil the Great. I picked him up at the local farmer’s market one Saturday and repotted him on the wrap around porch of my cottage. 183 more words



Instead, she just stood where she was, watching quietly, not arguing, and hoping nothing awful was about to happen.


Be Careful of Other People's Opinions

One of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned, only really recently learned, is that other people’s opinions can be very, very dangerous.  In the past lessons haven’t come to me suddenly, but over time, or through “Aha Moments” as Oprah refers to them.  1,649 more words



Emma didn’t think she wanted to spend too much time thinking about exactly why.


I'm still here.

I had a free moment and I just wanted to let you know I am still here. It’s been so long since my last post but I think I am back for good. 116 more words

Lipstick Lesbian


But for some reason it seemed especially stupid to have one in front of Izzy.


Lady's Doppelganger

If you do not believe dogs have personalities, my guess is that you don’t spend much time interacting with our four legged friends. To anyone who has one dog as a pet, or three as is our case, it doesn’t take long to realize that like people, dogs also have individual and authentic personalities. 924 more words