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Cleaning Pots & Pans: How to remove burnt on stains

Using a harsh chemical solution can quickly remove burnt on stains from your pots and pans, but what about more natural solutions? Soda crystals are great- but do rely you to leave to soak a while, even over night for more stubborn burnt stains. 284 more words

Gleaming Golden Light

dedicated to my daughter

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”   — Professor Albus Dumbledore

Landscapes And Nature

Poem 20160305

the world is smooth
the features
ground away
polished until it gleams
and i have no idea



I’m writing this story for the blog, “Teagan’s Books”. This week the subject for the series on the senses in the final sense of “touch”. The website for this entertaining blog is as follows: 315 more words

Streak free stainless steel appliances

Do your stainless steel appliances dry streaky? I have found that the results from stainless steel cleaners vary and do not always produce a perfect shine each time. 273 more words


I was born today...

I just saw the sun today

so illustrious


bringing some joy to my soul

amused with the morning cheer

delighted with the ray

of hope glaring… 18 more words


Weekly What - Week 12

And here is the other riddle! Again, this is a referential riddle. If you understand the reference, the riddle is trivial to solve.

Seed of iron in the ground,  59 more words