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Holiday Reading (3) – Stopping the Juggernaut

The mutations that drive cancers fall into two major groups: those that reduce or eliminate the activity of affected proteins and those that have the opposite effect and render the protein abnormally active. 1,122 more words

365 Day Photo Challenge 203/365 "Health Insurance; Love it/Hate it"

Health Insurance can be a love/hate relationship.  I am fortunate to work for an insurance company and I get my insurance at a discounted rate but it’s still very expensive. 409 more words



I left a piece of luggage behind on my Southwest Airlines flight over the weekend. Inside was my Gleevec prescription. Taking this oral chemo pill daily is vital to me, and others suffering with CML, Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. 190 more words


Ode to an Old Friend

You go by different names – gleevec, imatinib, imatinib mesylate; and have many nicknames – orange bullet, magic bullet, lucky charms just to name a few. 287 more words


9 Months into Glivec/ Gleevec

It was mid April that Dad was due to his visit to his Oncologist and Endocrinologist. He looks well and we’re glad that know that he has put on some weight. 419 more words

Dad's Health Journal

6 months into Glivec/Gleevec

I just realised my mistake on Dad’s GIST journal. The title “1st Month on Glivec” is actually referring to 1st follow-up with his Onco after 2 months being on Glivec. 834 more words

Dad's Health Journal

Orphan Drugs: The Power Of Multiple Indications

Orphan drug companies have used with tremendous success as part of their drug life cycle management, the strategy to extend the life of their product by devising a succession of multiple discrete indications for the orphan drug. 577 more words

Orphan Drug Development