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#173 Horseshoe Bend

I’d like to say my wife wears her hair like this all the time, but unfortunately she doesn’t. Once you’re done admiring the hair, please glance on through to the background, where you’ll see the stunning canyon of Horseshoe Bend, Glen Canyon National Park. 8 more words


Horseshoe Bend

As one of the many sights to see around the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Horseshoe Bend is located just a little ways from the town of Page, Arizona, and Lake Powell. 306 more words


New on 500px : Cloudy Morning at Lake Powell by dswindler by dswindler

My first morning at Reflection Canyon was cloudy and I didn’t quite get the sunrise color I was hoping for. But, I still thought the image had a neat mood so I’m publishing it anyway. 8 more words

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Revisiting the Mysterious Moki Queen

Driving across the vast upper reaches of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in southeast Utah leaves one to ponder many things.

One of those things is an ancient pictograph that today is called the “Moki (or Moqui) Queen”, a figure painted on the back wall of a sandstone alcove in North Wash, between Hite Crossing and Hanksville, Utah. 367 more words

Canyon Country

Lake Powell

Lake Powell is the second largest man-made lake in the US and one of the most scenic, stretching 186 miles across the red rock desert from Page, Arizona to Hite, Utah. 393 more words


Horseshoe Bend

oraThe remarkable thing about staying in Page is that you can see so many natural attractions in such a small area.  Just outside of Page and five miles downstream from the Glen Canyon Dam is Horseshoe Bend, a horseshoe-shaped curve in the Colorado River.   92 more words

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