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La Cage Aux Folles

So the name of this blog is really Food Fashion Fodder, which necessarily suggests that the posts should either be about food or fashion generally. Well, in this current blog post, it is not. 402 more words


Two Events (II): Southeast Asian Film Festival 2012

The Singapore Art Museum is running its inaugural Southeast Asian Film Festival from 18 March to 7 May. A list of the pictures over at the website. 36 more words

Film + Television

Forever Fever, Glen Goei (1998)

Chia Simin, Lam Choon Khee, Tan Yan Ching Aileen and Woo Pei Qi watched this film together and as such we’ve decided to ask each other questions, here is our answers. 505 more words


From Babi Buah Keluak to Brunei Sucker Punch!

Oh Emily! You look so cantik (beautiful) in that cheongsam! Now, for those who don’t know Emily, let me introduce her to you. Emily Gan, matriarch of Emily Hill. 1,364 more words


The Blue Mansion (2009)

Seorang konglomerat raja nanas ditemukan mati di ruang kerja yang berada dalam rumahnya. Keesokan pagi ia kembali sebagai hantu yang menyaksikan reaksi dan tingkah laku seluruh anggota keluarga dalam menghadapi kematiannya. 445 more words

Movie Review

Wild Rice nudity

From ‘Wild Rice picture is too wild’ 15 may 2010, Life! mailbag

I was disappointed and disgusted at the choice of the picture which appeared on the cover of Life!

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The Blue Mansion (2009)

Glen Goei’s second film, in many years since much-loved “Forever Fever”, hides dramatic, performance and tonal flaws under the gorgeous façade of the Blue Mansion. Awkwardly shifting between comedy and Serious Drama, the script does not realise the comic potential of the premise when the death of Wee Bak Chuan reunites the family at the patriarch’s funeral. 110 more words

Film Review