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A Bunny Farewell

Glenda bunny is heading home today. I know the boys will be sad to see her go as they’ve been lying next to each other through the fence all week. 83 more words


Typing Speed Limit

I was typing fast yesterday and I have a mechanical keyboard so it tends to go clackity-clack, and my Piper did NOT like it. She jumped out of the litter box with hay still tucked into her mouth and thumped at me. 97 more words


Live Rabbits Should NEVER Be Easter Presents

Whenever Glenda gets a treat in this house, she grabs it and runs, flicking her feet. She scuttles to a corner where she can chow down without any chance of anyone else getting it, not that anyone would try! 103 more words


Bunnies at the Window

My boys are both so happy to have Glenda here. They both spend most of the day under the coffee table where they have a good view of Glenda. 42 more words


Glenda the Good Returns

Glenda bunny arrived yesterday for a week-long stay at Kamp Kronenberg. She’s such a sweet bun and always a joy to have here. My boys know her well so they’re always well-behaved when she comes. 80 more words


Inktober Witches 10 - Wicked Witch

Because taking prompts literally is incredibly boring :D
Some of these prompts are obviously steering you towards such uninteresting results  Why draw a normal pointy-hatted cackling witch when you can draw a kick-ass rollar-derby witch instead? 37 more words

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