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Earlier this week I was thinking about making realistic wishes. I didn’t want false hope. When I picked something I could really hope for, I wished to see a cardinal. 420 more words



She walked a straight line for the goateed police officer, away from the car and then back, as if she’d spent years in a high-wire act, but her eyes were as red as I’d ever seen them. 733 more words


Skirt Nudgin'

Both girls were so interested in the skirt I had on yesterday. They both came over to me when I sat on the couch and rubbed their heads on the edge. 76 more words


Welcome Back, Cameron!

Bella’s favorite thing to do here is to shred the pieces of cardboard I put in the corners of her pen. That’s exactly what they’re there for, and she certainly makes good use of them. 134 more words



Walking down the driveway yesterday I saw an unmistakeable sign, hanging like an ornament on the fence by the hayfield. Glenda, the goddess in charge of minor miracles for caregivers, has placed a heart here to say, “You are loved.” 298 more words