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Thoughts from the "Poop Fairy"

Sometimes bunnies can be messy. I often feel like I’m the “Poop Fairy” cleaning up after buns. The more bunnies, the more poops, though some are better litter box users than others. 129 more words


Bunny Snuggles, Free of Charge!

Sal and Minnie are visiting us now. These two are such little cuddle bugs. Sal hopped right up onto the couch with me and snuggled last night. 131 more words


I Spy a Bunny

My foster Cameron had a great time watching Glenda last night. After hopping around for a while, he lay down against the fence to keep and eye on her. 25 more words


House Full of Easter Bunnies!

My foster Cameron was very excited to see Glenda last night. He cautiously hopped over the fence to spot her. I don’t think she expected to see him, because she ran away as soon as she saw him. 30 more words


Hoppy Easter!

Glenda bunny is visiting for Easter, and all the boys downstairs are very happy to have her. My foster Cameron even hopped down to the edge of his pen, hoping to catch a glimpse of her. 41 more words


The Business of BBQ - Part 2

Check out last weeks blog for the beginning (Glenda, the Good witch of the north said it best to begin there)

The Trimming of the fat can be painful… 590 more words