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#38 Glengoyne 10YO - A creamy, savoury tipple from the highlands

Review #38 – Glengoyne 10YO 74/100

It’s taken me quite a while to give Glengoyne a go, and for no particular reason, other than that it just seems to have stayed off my radar, so I decided to pick up a small 5cl bottle just to give it a try. 204 more words


Cadenhead's Glengoyne 19 Lafitte Cask

This is a very interesting single cask bottling from Cadenhead’s .I mentioned in my review on the 25 year old Glengoyne how well some age does to this malt, and good age aside, this one was matured in a cask from Chateau Lafitte, a legendary old Bordeaux wine estate which should have an interesting effect on the malt. 208 more words


Bodach Aislig, 35 Years Old blended whisky, 1980, 46% - Murray McDavid

When I think of Murray McDavid I think of Bruichladdich’s finishing regime, or ACEing as they like to call it.

Random whiskies bottled after being finished in off-kilter wine casks. 412 more words

- Blended Whisky

Glengoyne 25

Glengoyne is one of those distilleries I really like but seldom buy bottles from these days, and it’s a great pity. Glengoyne is a highland distillery that skirts the border with the Lowlands region (as far as I recall their distillery is in the highlands, but their warehouse across the road is in the Lowlands) and are known for their unpeated and quite gentle malt. 220 more words


Glengoyne 15 Year Old

Glengoyne sits just north of Glasgow at the foot of Dumgoyne Hill. It was founded in 1833 but there is evidence that illicit distilling was taking place long before then. 494 more words


The Great Glengoyne

Glengoyne is a beautiful picturesque distillery with wonderful tourguides a wonderful waterfall, needn’t even mention the wonderful whisky! Interestingly Glengoyne is both a Highland malt and a Lowland one.  970 more words

Glengoyne Distillery in the Snow

Last year I went a walk up Dumgoyne & Earl’s Seat. Last week I went back to the base for a wander round the Glengoyne Distillery. 30 more words