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Tomi Lahren has a new gig

(National SentinelMedia: Conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren, fired recently from her job at The Blaze over comments she made regarding abortion rights, has a new gig. 289 more words


Angry White Men

Angry about what

Donald Trump’s became President of these United States because his campaign apparatus was able to garner the vote of the supposedly Angry White man.  415 more words

Tomi Lahren Scored A New Job With The Pro-Trump 'Great America Alliance'

After suing Glenn Beck and the Blaze for wrongful termination and being countersued in return, Tomi Lahren settled, losing all Blaze-related content on her Facebook profile, which won her so many followers. 281 more words

Home Page

How Glenn Beck - Yes, that Glenn Beck - Gave Me Hope

I swore off radio and TV hosts such as Beck, Rush Limbaugh, O’Reilly, and Hannity long ago. While I considered myself more Republican than Democrat, I couldn’t stand the theatrics, the drama, the frenzied, extreme and binary approach to very nuanced and complicated issues. 632 more words


Tomi And The Snowflakes

 Since her departure from One America News , and joining The Blaze Network , Tomi Lahren has become a social media phenomenon. She is best known for her outrageous opinions that very seldom have any grounding in reality or fact. 1,766 more words


Common Sense no where to be found.

Anyone with any compassion for his or her fellowman must feel a little sorry for President Trump.  It is obvious that he is more than a little out of touch with reality. 588 more words

O'Reilly Gets Weekly Spot On Beck's Radio Show

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NEW YORK (AP) – Bill O’Reilly is taking up his former FOX News colleague Glenn Beck’s offer to work together again. 112 more words