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Beck believes Trump is a Democrat in Republican’s clothing

Why would you believe Harry Reid?  Trump hasn’t even been elected yet and already there are self-righteous fools calling for his head.  Just because he is boorish and bull-headed does not make him a tyrant.  686 more words

Election 2016

Changin'-a Are They Times The

It puts things in perspective to consider that in living memory a popular American TV series frequently portrayed the US military establishment as silly or corrupt, and showed Army misfits as better people than their by-the-book comrades. 618 more words


Glenn Beck Warns About What Comes Next on The Slippery Slope

This is from Western Journalism.

I am sure Glenn Beck is bat shit crazy but he is correct with his prediction.

The next thing we will be told is pedophilia is normal and we have to accept it as normal. 407 more words

Know What Happens When Gun Companies Cozy Up To The NRA? They Get A Big Bang For Small Bucks.

I used to be an IT executive for a Fortune 100 company that was a leader in life insurance sales.  Every year I received a personal letter from the company CEO thanking me for my $5,000 donation to the insurance PAC that represented the life insurance industry on Capitol Hill.  615 more words


Is Glenn Beck Controlled Opposition or a Fake?

Know your circle, there are snakes everywhere. Glenn Beck’s ongoing media empire decline has been accelerated by his fanatical support of failed Establishment candidate Ted Cruz in this year’s Presidential campaign. 1,559 more words

The Political Game

Facebook Not Guilty Verdict Leads to Civil Unrest in California

CALIFORNIA (The Barbed Wire) – Some violence broke out this morning when Facebook handed down a “not guilty” verdict in the highly charged case that has divided the nation and sparked distrust from some users toward the social media giant. 296 more words


LAUGHER: Glenn Beck Says Facebook Made Him Feel More Welcome Than The GOP, At The Same Time They Are Openly Censoring A Conservative

Glenn Beck. Mr. Virtue. More like, Mr. Self Proclaimed Virtue. The guy humiliates himself almost every time he speaks.

How I ever listened to him on the radio, watched his show on Fox, read The Blaze faithfully, and actually liked the guy is a real mystery. 462 more words