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I’ve always known that the DEPLORABLES are dumb, naïve, ignorant, gullible and stupid; what did I miss? But I never imagined there could be so many people in one Party who would want a FOOL for president. 897 more words

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Evan McMullin - Brought to you by...

Evan McMullin has surged into the spotlight in Utah this past week, actually surpassing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in one poll and running a statistical tie in a couple of others. 1,626 more words

Here's Why a Trump TV Network Will Almost Certainly Fail

Speculation is ramping up again that Republican candidate Donald Trump might be looking at starting his own TV channel or media company if he loses the upcoming presidential election, based on a recent report from the… 872 more words


Glenn Beck says electing Hillary Clinton is 'moral' and 'ethical'

It’s one thing for Glenn Beck to oppose Donald Trump by supporting Ted Cruz in the GOP primaries, telling Evangelicals that if they don’t vote for Cruz, they’re not being true Christians — which is quite an act of chutzpah on Beck’s part since he is a lapsed Christian who’s turned Mormon. 700 more words


What if there isn’t an ethical choice?

Glenn Beck, conservative personality, celebrity ranter, and the face of normalized(ish) Mormonism, went viral at the end of last week(Oct 8th) as he made the following statement on his Facebook wall: 735 more words

Conservative In Exile - VICE News Published on Oct 11, 2016

Radio and TV personality Glenn Beck is a man without a party. Vice News’ Michael Moynihan spent time with Beck on his ranch to talk about conservatism, Donald Trump and Roger Ailes

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New Johnson/Weld Documentary

Rigged 2016 features Glenn Beck and Patrick Byrne.  The documentary is free through October 30 provided you register your e-mail address:  www.rigged2016.com.