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Glenn Beck's Regrets

His paranoid style paved the road for Trumpism. Now he fears what’s been unleashed.

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To the relief of confused liberals everywhere, Glenn Beck sides with Breitbart, stars re-align

Glenn Beck finds drama in cereal advertising and sees Kellogg’s decision to no longer advertise on Breitbart as “divisive,” reports Mediaite:

Beck made it clear today that while he doesn’t agree with Breitbart on much, “For Kellogg’s to dismiss 45 million unique visitors in a month is a slam against all of us.

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The New Hate Redux

Four years ago, in THE NEW HATE, I looked at the rise of the Tea Party and especially the explosion of anti-Obama conspiracism in books, radio, TV, and on the Internet, and traced their lineaments back to the Patriot militias that so hated the Clintons in the 1990s, the Minute Men, the John Birch Society, and other anti-Communist/anti-Government organizations that arose in the 1950s and 1960s alongside the Councils of Concerned Citizens and other neo-Secessionist groups that followed in the wake of Brown v Board of Education, the America First movement in the 1930s, and Henry Ford’s anti-Jewish crusades in the 1920s. 545 more words


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‘Founding Fathers Pt 2’

Ref: http://www.foxnews.com,  http://www.theblaze.com Part 2 of 3 Originally Aired on FOUNDERS’ FRIDAY May 28, 2010 on FOX News.


Glenn Beck Exposed George Soros' Empire on Fox News... 6 Years Ago

I’m certainly no fan of Glenn Beck’s, but here he does a good job presenting George Soros as the puppet master he is.  ~Shep


Glenn Beck's Long Journey Left: a Voyage in Ten Deleted Tweets

It looks like Glenn Beck is changing. I don’t think the Fox News star known for shedding tears at the drop of an American Flag hat will ever be “woke” in the contemporary sense, but he is, it seems, at least in a state of slow waking. 339 more words

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The Media Apologizes For Election

If there’s one thing this election has unified, it’s the perceived intellectual and political pundits such as Bill Maher and Glenn Beck.  Surprisingly, you can watch videos of both apologizing for their antagonizing stances on former political opponents in the past.   476 more words