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GLENN BECK NOW SUPPORTS TRUMP: "The things that you have done as the president are remarkable!"....Too late!

Glenn Beck appeared to have a change of heart about President Trump on Friday, vowing to vote for him in the 2020 presidential election.

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BREAKING: Glenn Beck Is Still Alive

Apparently Glenn Beck is not only still alive, but he’s decided that he is now on the Trump Train.

Even if I accept him as sincere, which I don’t know that I do (he has described himself as a “rodeo clown” in the past to suggest that the claims he makes on his show aren’t to be taken seriously), his judgment has been shown to be very faulty.

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Glenn Beck lynching remark

Glenn Beck lynching remark

Yesterday, May 17, 2018 (@34:30- 52:48), talk show host Glenn Beck made this remark ” . . . so we lynch a guy from time to time” — he said it in a jokey way using a fake Southern or rural accent. 395 more words

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Trump's New Enabling Act

Each day new revelations about the misdeeds of Donald Trump, his Administration, and those in his circle are uncovered. Despite shocking revelations of influence peddling, contact with foreign agents and possible money laundering, his supporters are not willing to accept any of these revelations as facts. 381 more words

Propaganda Machine getting more traction

There continues to be this strange and troublesome relationship between the US Government and Fox News Channel. It is apparent that information from the White House is shared with Fox. 472 more words

What will it take to remove the blinders

As evidence of wrongdoings in the Trump Organization continues to mount, his rabid supporters refuse to accept the fact that a lot of criminal and unethical behavior has taken place. 553 more words

Swamp getting larger

Millions of people, especially American voters continue to wonder how Donald trump won the 2016 Presidential election. As Special appointed Prosecutor Mueller, through his investigation, continue to peel back the layers of influence in the election, some disconcerting things are surfacing. 491 more words