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Conservative Radio Hosts Claim Obama Plans to Import Army of Kenyans to Rape White Women

By H. Peter Johnson
Conservative Correspondent

President Barack Obama recently bragged about being able to win a third term while he was on tour of Kenya and Ethiopia. 179 more words


Does Evidence Matter in the Global Warming Hoax?

I’ve just read an interesting post over at author John C. Wright‘s blog. It states that according to the temperature data at the USHCN, the US is on a long-term cooling trend. 582 more words

Daniella Bova

The Red Bear is Awake

Russia is back and it is awake. Those words from Glenn Beck, who warns the world about the dangerous political path of of the Soviets, its madman Vladimir Putin and one of the Kremlin’s policy advisors, Alexander Dugin, a Russian political scientist known for his fascist views. 55 more words

Political, Hey!

What Ted Cruz Does Right

Unlike most of his competitors in the race for the Republican nomination for the presidency, Cruz actually talks to right-wing and conservative media.  He enthusiastically engages stalwarts of these media landscape: Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity; just to name some of the most prominent personas he’s done interviews with.   77 more words

Glenn Beck, next in line to ban anything, Donald Trump... I think Beck just killed his career...

I think Glenn Beck is gonna lose many of his listeners if he’s serious about banning anything Donald Trump. Another next in line to ban anything Trump. 27 more words


Glenn Beck, should Baltimore Radio Ban Mention of His Name?

Glenn Beck's Radio Show Bans Any Mention of Donald Trump http://t.co/YLfNXA8L2u (VIDEO) pic.twitter.com/tMjgHQQv4g

— Mediaite (@Mediaite) July 23, 2015

Wikipedia writes as follows:

“In 1989, Beck resigned from Y-95 to accept a job in Houston at…

75 more words

Connecting the dots concerning the present powerbase of satan in America's National Parks, and the United Nations...

I came across this interesting piece about the people who have mysteriously disappeared from National Parks in the United States. Some 1,400 people have gone missing, some are found, and have no memory of what happened, but some are never found – even though they may have gone missing only yards away from people who knew and loved them. 930 more words