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Trump and Freedom of the Press

I am uncertain when or why I picked up a collection of four books titled The World’s Greatest Thinkers. Subjects range from The Man and Spirit- to Man and the Universe- to Man and Man- and lastly- Man and the State. 472 more words


Apr. 5, 2018  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P.

COUNTDOWN:  This is a dire warning – there are still an extremely long 1,o21 days yet to go in this unfathomably corrupt and dishonest  misadministration’s term in office…   … 2,434 more words


"Lift Every Voice And Sing"

In remembrance of the life of MLK, I found this video that discusses the harmony and rejoice of freedom.


Are you following Remso on  58 more words


Lack of Understanding

One has to wonder if Trump and his supporters really understand how his behavior is impacting the United States and it Allies. The sheer lunacy of his actions suggest he nor they have a clue what is taking place. 293 more words

Failure is fantastic, because you meet yourself and get to know your limitations. This is how I express myself, and I can’t do it any other way. 44 more words

Undiluted Quotes

The Beacon

A century ago, people started making movies as far away from New Jersey as possible in order to keep Thomas Edison’s Motion Picture Patents Company from enforcing the patents they had on all motion pictures. 788 more words

Culture And Society

Glenn Beck: America needs a 'reconciliation'

Brian Stelter, CNN Money

Glenn Beck says there’s two Americas, and they must come together.

“We are vastly two different countries,” Beck said at the end of an anguished week of angry debates about gun violence. 594 more words