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Beck’s TV Empire Is Collapsing

Aww gee, Joe…. Ya think?

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough reported this, via the Daily Caller:

“If I were Glenn Beck,” Scarborough said on “Morning Joe,” “I’d be more concerned about my collapsing TV empire than campaigning .”

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Donald Trump playing his trump card

Donald Trump is currently, the front-runner for the Republican Party selection to become President of the United States. Millions of Americans continue to be amazed at the amount of support he is getting from a vast assortment of people. 948 more words

Raised on Rush

The Donald Trump ascension to the top of the Republican platform for President of these United States continues to create anxiety and confuse many  people. Many who say they support Trump are not quite sure if it is his message that draws them to him or his presentation. 1,127 more words

Glenn Beck Gives Ominous Message to Listeners

In our technology era, news has changed completely. You no longer have to wait till 5pm to find out what happened that day, or flip open the paper in the morning to read about world news. 579 more words

Save me a seat at the table

I continue to be amused as I observe Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox News Network (FNN) and now Fox Business Network (FBN) jockey for the position of Trump’s favorite so called news outlet. 878 more words

Glenn Beck Heading to Rehab for Cheetos Addiction

DALLAS (The Barbed Wire) – The first step toward recovery, no matter what the addiction, is admitting you have a problem. Glenn Beck has finally reached rock bottom and agreed to seek professional help for his out-of-control… 226 more words


Preacher Glenn Strikes Again

This Glenn Beck is one sick son-of-a-bitch. He’s left reality and he ain’t comin’ back. He must be drinking again and pickled his brain.

Wow! What a piece of work he is. 157 more words