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Why I'm not Catholic, Part 29

Mother Teresa is going to be canonized by the Catholic Church. No surprise there—her soul-crashing doubts about God’s existence notwithstanding. Once the ball starts rolling toward sainthood, does it ever stop? 597 more words

"Reason to Believe," Week 3: Examining the alternatives

Last Sunday evening, I finished my three-part class, “Reason to Believe,” by examining remaining alternative theories that purport to explain the events of Easter Sunday and its aftermath. 178 more words

"Reason to Believe," Week 1: Three things we know for sure (so far)

Last Sunday night at Hampton United Methodist Church I began my new three-week class, “Reason to Believe: Examining the Evidence for the Resurrection.” As I’ve said many times before, the resurrection of Jesus Christ rests on solid historical evidence. 513 more words

'The Internet’s page-view hamster wheel'

These are the bets Google Ventures is hoping will ultimately be its biggest wins. “We aren’t trying to gain a few yards,” (Bill) Maris says. “We are trying to win the game.

245 more words

"Reason to Believe," a new three-week class on the resurrection

I mentioned in last Sunday’s sermon that back in 2007 I witnessed a debate in Atlanta between bestselling atheist author Christopher Hitchens and one of my seminary professors, Dr. 355 more words

New Report Looks at U.S. Streaming, Finds Pandora the Clear Leader

The U.S. music streaming market can be broken down into three segments: the leader, the followers and the laggards. (Neither Edison Research nor Triton Digital named those segments, by the way.) Pandora is the clear leader. 91 more words


Last thoughts (this week) on Christian pacifism

A few weeks ago I heard a new argument for changing our United Methodist Church’s stance on human sexuality. It wasn’t a good argument, mind you, but it was one I hadn’t heard before. 1,279 more words